What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

It's a huge city without all the big-city problems: traffic is manageable, crime is low, parks are wonderful, public transport is good. Also, it has museums galore, Michelin-starred restaurants, neighborhood restaurants, bars, cafes, amazing nightlife, interesting architecture, friendly people. - Sep 2019

Easy living, low stress, great jumping off point to explore Europe. - Jun 2019

Food. Quality of life. Warmth of the people. - Mar 2017

Seeing Spain and easy travel to the rest of Europe. - Apr 2012

Seeing all of Spain and Europe. - Nov 2011

Very safe and clean city, overall good weather, a lot of cultural and entertaining events. Enjoying nice blue skies almost during 365 days. - Oct 2011

Friendly people, fantastic weather, good food and great travel opportunities. - Aug 2010

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