What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Really, nothing. If you want to be picky: brown sugar, maple syrup, and white distilled vinegar. - Sep 2019

Maybe a favorite hot sauce and red pepper flakes. You can find hot sauce here but brands are limited. - Jun 2019

None. If you can't find it locally, you can get it shipped from Amazon easily. The only things we get shipped are some cleaning supplies that we really like, and some really particular things (like natural peanut butter). Also, there is a small exchange in the embassy - so things like common medicines are easy to get there. But really, you can get almost everything locally. - Mar 2017

Rugs. We have a big apartment with lots of hard floors and I wish we had brought big area rugs with us. We really had no way of knowing until we saw our place, though. - Apr 2012

American food. - Nov 2011

Nothing - Oct 2011

I am happy with what I can get here. If I am desperate, I just buy it online and ship it over. - Aug 2010

Kids toys, books, and shoes. - Feb 2009

Hip trendy clothing I paid for in dollars. Sales are great, but the Euro is strong. - Jan 2008

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