Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Spaniards have much longer lifespans and lower infant mortality than Americans. They must be doing something right. - Sep 2019

Good medical care is available, including specialists The embassy has a health unit for basic stuff and referrals No need for medevacs here. Many choose to have their babies at local hospitals. - Jun 2019

Some air pollution - normal for a city this size. Otherwise medical care is stellar and even supersedes that in the US. - Mar 2017

The private medical care here is great. I had a baby here and the obstetrician was incredible. I got much more personal attention during my pregnancy than I did in the States, and an ultrasound every month during my checkups. The hospital where I gave birth was great. I had serious complications and the doctors saved my life. - Apr 2012

None. - Nov 2011

If you have allergies or respiratory problems, may be the air quality here could be an issue. Other than that the health system is great. Good doctors, hospitals and mediacl care. - Oct 2011

I had minor surgery in a Madrid hospital and was amazed at the great care. They are not in a hurry to get you out the door, and the private rooms are set up for a guest to stay with you and help you. That is with private insurance, and it cannot be beat. At other times I went for tests and had X-rays, blood work, and an EKG in 3 separate locations in the hospital, and it was all done in 30 minutes. Wow! I cannot say enough about the care. I also needed a doctor who could speak english, as it can be difficult to communicate about medical problems unless you are really good in Spanish. I found one and he was fantastic. - Aug 2010

Air quality is not the best. Our son has had asthma problems. Doctor and nurse at the embassy health unit are great. Health care on the market varies and hygiene practices (i.e. hand washing, use of alcohol wipes for IVs) is not up to par with US standards. Our son had surgery here. Basically it was fine but we were appalled when the nurses did not wear gloves, nor wash their hands, nor did they use an alcohol wipe when changing his IV connections. Never again. - Feb 2009

Decent. - Jan 2008

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