What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

The Embassy seems typical US government. Spaniards tend to dress well but you can walk around in shorts and a t-shirt and not stick out too bad. - Sep 2019

Business to business casual at work, depending on the office. Outside of work, anything goes, but Spainerds generally dress nice. - Jun 2019

It depends. Jeans are accepted in certain situations, and shorts are worn in public, but locals dress to impress, and there are dress codes. Jewelry is particularly showy and artistic. Shoes are important. - Mar 2017

More dressed up than in the States. The older Spaniards dress up more, the younger set is more casual and trendier. - Apr 2012

Business casual. - Nov 2011

Well dresed, elegant and trendy. You can leave your snickers in your backpack. - Oct 2011

Dressy. Even in the heat of summer the men wear suit and tie. The women dress simply but elegantly. Style is a must, and brand names are a BIG deal here. - Aug 2010

More dressy than in the states. Embassy dress is usually business attire. The stay-at-mom crowd dresses to be seen. Some look like they were just peeled from a J Crew catalog. - Feb 2009

Spaniards look stylish, attractive and very professional. Mens shoes tend to be pointy and brown. Spaniards look stylish in private life too. - Jan 2008

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