English-language newspapers and TV available? Cost?

We don't watch much TV. We used a sling box, but got rid of it because it was too expensive and not reliable enough for the amount we were paying. - Apr 2012

Digital plus - US$60 per month. - Nov 2011

We have Digital+ is not great but we can at leats watch CNN and other programs in english. But to contract this service you need to speak spanish. - Oct 2011

Not sure about newspapers, as I read everything on line. TV has about 10 english channels, including FOX news and CNN Int'l, BBC, TCM, and some Spanish stations that you can get in English. Cost is on par with US. - Aug 2010

We have AFN. Some Englsih language newspapers but not easily found outside the city. - Feb 2009

The International Herald Tribune is a few Euros. - Jan 2008

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