Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Yes, yes, and yes. - Sep 2019

Yes, all are safe and affordable. - Jun 2019

Easy, safe, plentiful. A ride on public transportation costs about 1.50 euros. Taxis are great - we are discouraged from using Uber so no reference point there. - Mar 2017

Public transport here is pretty reliable, safe, and affordable. I don't use the metro because they are difficult to manage with a stroller (all stairs, hardly any escalators), but I get by using taxis and buses. - Apr 2012

Yes. - Nov 2011

The metro, trains, buses, and taxis are very safe and clean. High-speed trains are very good but very expensive. - Oct 2011

All are available, and all are clean and safe. I can commute downtown with 2 connections, and it costs 2 Euros. That replaces the 30-minute drive I would normally have. - Aug 2010

Safe and affordable. - Feb 2009

Yes, yes, yes. - Jan 2008

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