How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

This is the land of plenty. Food is inexpensive and high quality. - Sep 2019

Groceries are cheaper than DC. Really good produce available all year. You can find most anything here. - Jun 2019

Very comparable. Milk is currently 1.80 euros for 1.5 liters. Meat costs about the same, but the quality, I think, is much higher. - Mar 2017

Groceries are more expensive, but we manage. They're not as astronomical as in other places we've lived. - Apr 2012

Expensive. - Nov 2011

Very expensive but good quality. - Oct 2011

Packaged food is a bit more than in the US, but produce and bread are reasonable. We have yet to find any good beef products here and stick mostly with chicken and pork. - Aug 2010

Availability is good, cost is reasonable. - Feb 2009

Everything you need, but more costly than home. - Jan 2008

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