Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Spain seems very welcoming to the disabled, especially the blind. It's an old European city, though, so not everything is wheelchair-accessible. - Sep 2019

Yes. Uneven sidewalks all over and the metro stations have escalators on some levels but not on others. Elevators at stations are often out of order. Buses are a better bet for mobility impaired, but don't expect anyone to give up a seat to you if you are obviously pregnant or on crutches (speaking from experience). - Jun 2019

Sure - it's a big city - just like DC or NYC, but, for example, almost all of the stores have elevators, there is handicapped parking everywhere, definitely a city that takes accessibility seriously. - Mar 2017

I don't think it's bad. There are ramps on most sidewalk corners. It's not as accessible as U.S. cities, but it's not as bad as other European cities I've been to. - Apr 2012

Unknown. Probably not. - Nov 2011

I have a close friend who is wheelchair and he says is not bad but not good either. Some buildings and metros don´t have elevators. I think they still have some improvements to make. - Oct 2011

They have handicapped access and parking here. Also very good sidewalks and public transport. All in all, I think it is on par with the US. - Aug 2010

Many difficulties. Uneven or nonexistent sidewalks. Often there are no elevators in metro stations and very few ramps into public buildings. - Feb 2009

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