Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

Yes. It's not worse than other places, but it should be better. - Sep 2019

Better than many places, but prejudices definitely still exist and permeate society, especially related to race and to some extent gender (especially with older generations). - Jun 2019

Probably. I can't think of a place where these issues don't exist. - Mar 2017

Spaniards are pretty prejudiced, especially toward Latinos and Africans. They really don't like anyone who is different. - Apr 2012

Spainards don't seem to like Latin Americans/Mexicans. - Nov 2011

Yes, there are a lot of prejudices against latinamericans, blacks, asians,jewish, gay, anybody who is different. Men are still very "macho" - Oct 2011

None that I have noticed. Pretty much "live and let live." - Aug 2010

Mild problems, yes. Spaniards tend to be a tad prejudiced against anyone who is different. South Americans and Africans tend to be treated like 2nd class citizens. Remember the Spanish Olympic basketball team photo making the offensive faces? The Spanish thought this was perfectly acceptable. - Feb 2009

There is a certain amount of disdain for Moroccans and Roma. Some Americans of Latin descent claimed the Spanish made fun of their accents. I think this would happen anywhere. - Jan 2008

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