Manila - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

Washington, DC. Trip is about 24 hours with connections in South Korea, Dubai, or Tokyo. Travel is always two flights. 12-14 hours to connection and then another 4.5-8 hours depending on connection city. To me, it's a difficult day of travel that is made more bearable by business class, which I happily pay for. - Mar 2023

Home base in Utah. Flight back home usually connected in Tokyo before going to the US. - Mar 2023

Boston, MA. About 20 hours total (on a good day). Four hours to Japan, a layover, and about 13 hours to Boston. If you can, fly out of Clark (1 hour to the north) instead of Manila (three hours without traffic). - May 2022

Washington, DC to Manila. Usually two connections on US carriers. In non-Covid times travel is long, but accessible. - Apr 2021

Home country is the United States, home base is the east coast. Normally, flights connect through either Tokyo, Japan, or Seoul, Korea. However, it is also possible to fly to Hawaii or the West Coast (LAX or SFO), and then connect from there. - Oct 2020

Meadville, PA. It takes 25-30 hours to get home. Connections through Narita since I have been here with Delta but route is changing in March 2020. Connection will be Seoul. Philippines Air offers non-stop to California and New York. - Feb 2020

Southern California, USA. There is a direct flight to LAX from Manila that is 14 hours, and you can connect to most major US international airports through Tokyo. - May 2018

Boston, which is literally on the other side of the globe from Manila. If you’re flying on USG orders, the official routes are usually via Tokyo or Hong Kong. If you are flying on your own dime, though, you can also take (slightly) faster routes via LA/SFO on Philippine Airlines, or via one of the hubs in the Middle East. No matter what route you take, any trip to the eastern half of the U.S. will take 24-26 hours. - Feb 2017

From Washington DC, the standard State Department route takes about 30 hours. There are a few direct flights from Manila to the U.S. (Guam, CA, NYC) but most flights pass through Japan or Singapore. - Jul 2016

DC, I'm not sure what the official route is, as I visited family on my way over. I think it's typically through Detroit or Chicago and takes about 25-30 hours. I flew Emirates for a trip to the States and it took 22 hours which was nice. - Jan 2016

Washington, DC. The official route to the U. S. is via Narita and either Minneapolis or Detroit (approximately 24 hours in total). - Jan 2016

Northern Virginia. I've taken Air China and Korean Air. I prefer Air China because of the 1 hour layover in Beijing opposed to the 6 hour layover in Korea. - Sep 2015

Our home base is Washington DC. There's a flight to Narita in Tokyo which takes four hours, followed by a fourteen hour direct flight to IAD. - Aug 2015

U.S. It's around 24 hours, depending on layovers, connections, final destination, but it's a long haul and there are no U.S. carrier direct flights. - Aug 2015

West coast USA/ 24 hours. - Sep 2014

My home was in Maine, flying out of Boston, which takes up to 26 hours with two airline changes. There are possibly shorter routes - costing more money. The first time I flew to Manila, I flew out of Los Angeles non-stop. It only takes 12 hours from L.A. - Jan 2014

DC 25+ hours via Delta Airlines with stops in Narita and Atlanta/Detroit. There is also an option to fly on United with only one stop, but is not the contract fare. - Dec 2013

West Coast, 14-16 hours generally through Narita. - Nov 2013

We were traveling from DC. Our travel time was about 25 hours with stops in Detroit & Nagoya. - Aug 2013

US East Coast. The trip requires a connection in Atlanta/Detroit and then a connection in Japan. All told, it takes about 24 hours. - Feb 2013

San Diego, California. From San Diego to LA to Tokyo to Manila takes almost 24 hours. - Sep 2012

USA, Utah. - May 2012

Washington, DC, about 24 hour trip, connecting in Tokyo and the west coast. - Mar 2012

Washington, DC.About a 23 hour plane ride, but the total trip time was more like 30 hours including transfers, getting to the airport 3 hours before, and so on. From DC, Delta is the preferred airline, which goes through Minneapolis/St. Paul to Narita, Tokyo, then onward to Manila. The BETTER flight is from DC to Atlanta, then to Narita, if you can get it. - Jan 2012

From DC to Manila, the flight time is about 36 hours. Currently the Embassy flies most people on Delta from Detroit to Manila via Japan. - Jul 2011

East Coast of the US -- travel time to Manila is approximately 22 hours (layovers included) connecting in Detroit or Minneapolis then again in Narita or Nagoya (Japan). - May 2011

East Coast. 22 hours, with connections through Detroit and Nagoya or Narita (Tokyo). - May 2011

It takes about 25 hours to get to Manila from Florida, connecting through any combination of 1 U.S. and 1 East Asian city. - Feb 2010

Home base is Washington, D.C.Took us about 19 hours to get here straight from D.C. to Korea, then Korea to Manila. Korean Airlines was the nicest airlines I have ever flown. Last summer flew on China Airlines from Manila to New York stopping in Taipei and Anchorage. Not a very desirable airlines or flight, but it was very cheap (880 for adult, 680 for kids)which was important as we paid flight ourselves. Taipei was a very nice airport. Traveled alone with 3 kids fine. - Jan 2010


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