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Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Yes it is. It took about 2 weeks to get internet installed. You can easily buy a temporary router (strong enough to power Netflix 4K) in the mall for $20 until your internet is installed. - Mar 2023

Available in the high rises but you may be limited to particular companies. It took about a month for my service to be set up. - Mar 2023

Absolutely. Mine was a headache to set up but I understand it has gotten much better. - May 2022

Some places are wired for fiber optic internet. It is very accessible but tends to take about a month to install. - Apr 2021

Internet is fine. You can stream, but during high periods, you may have some freezing. PLDT is the national carrier. You will need to be persistent and keep following up to get set up or a problem fixed. - Oct 2020

Fiber internet is good. It took two weeks to get ours. - Feb 2020

Yes, and is generally good. It took about one month to install internet and it cost 300 USD. - May 2018

Internet access varies wildly depending on your specific residence. The Filipino telecommunications infrastructure lags behind some of the other countries in the region, so speed and cost can vary wildly. Some buildings offer fiber-optic connections, with comparable speed to the US, for $100-125/month. Other buildings are DSL only, however, with much lower speed (although at lower cost). Installation times vary from a few days to a few weeks, depending on what your residence already has in place. - Feb 2017

It is available, but a headache. There is only one service provider, its a little bit on the steep side, and customer service is negligible. Fortunately the embassy Customer Care Center does a good job of helping employees navigate the process. - Jul 2016

Only in a couple buildings, otherwise it is a daily struggle to load something and it often shuts down for days at a time. - Jan 2016

Yes, but the network service is very frequently down. This is a huge frustration for many expats. Internet costs approximately $55 per month. - Jan 2016

It's expensive and it is very slow. But it works most of the time. - Jan 2016

Yes - Sep 2015

Yes, we pay about $100 a month for internet, phone and cable. - Aug 2015

Not very high speed. Ours promises 10Mbs, but it rarely gets that high. Cost is pretty high at around US$85/month. - Aug 2015

Yes but it's not super fast. - Sep 2014

The internet is available but it is not uncommon to lose internet service, and for it to be slower than expected. - Jan 2014

Yes US$100/month. - Dec 2013

Yes, US$50-90/month. - Nov 2013

We pay 4000 pesos [43 = US$1] for high speed internet. It's pretty decent, we also have a VPN and a Netflix account. We didn't bother getting cable. - Aug 2013

Yes, I think I paid 80 dollars for a 3 Mb/sec connection. - Apr 2013

Yes, ranging from US$25 to 75 a month. It is not fast and can stop working for hours -- or, rarely, days -- at a time. - Feb 2013

Yes, but it is expensive. We have a 12MB/S connection for $120/month. Fairly consistent speeds. - Sep 2012

Yes, about $20/month. - May 2012

We spend about $30/month for high speed internet. It's not the fastest, but also not the slowest by far. - Mar 2012

Yes, through the embassy. Not a bad price, but doesn't always work! - Jan 2012

Internet is available through DSL or Cable. Both are slower than the US but streaming video and phone calls work. It's about $50 for DSL, $100 for Cable/month. - Jul 2011

Yes, highest speed will cost around 3500 php/month (less than $100). Other packages are available for much less. - May 2011

Yes, we pay about $85/month. - May 2011

High-speed internet is readily available in Manila. Everywhere else, it is dialup. Prepare to pay $50-100 a month for high-speed. - Feb 2010

Internet access available..better in condos. Internet speed varies, never excellent, but functional - Jan 2010

High speed internet varies from condo to condo, although generally the cost is around $40-$50 per month. I have had quite a lot of problems with my internet going out, but some people have had few problems. - Jul 2009

Yes, not super reliable but about as reliable as Comcast in the US was. It costs us about US$50 a month for high speed internet. - Apr 2009

Yes. Prices vary dramatically based on the plan you choose, but it's fairly reasonable. - Jun 2008


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