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What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

There are a number of American restaurants here (Buffalo Wild Wings, Olive Garden, TJI Fridays, etc.) You can also find just about every other kind of food here. Take out is done through Grab or Food Panda. Just about every restaurant delivers. I personally don't like the food here. It's not what the Philippines is known for. Travel to Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan for better food. - Mar 2023

Food delivery is very popular, especially after the pandemic started. It is quite cheap and fast, and most restaurants have signed up for Grab Food and the other big apps. Many US restaurant franchises (and some no longer in America!) can be found in Manila. - Mar 2023

Lots of food options and restaurants. Many expat-owned restaurants of all varieties with good food and reasonable prices. - May 2022

Plenty of restaurants provide delivery services. We have pretty much everything here including decent international cuisines. - Apr 2021

Takeout is widely available, food delivery is widely available. Almost all restaurants provide food delivery. It's inexpensive, but may come 90 minutes late and be cold by the time you get it. Then you open it to discover they messed up your order and substituted something because they were out of what you actually ordered, and wrote on your receipt "So sorry, po!" - Oct 2020

So many restaurants to choose from in Manila! We also order Food panda or Grab food for delivery. (Note* You can get just about ANYTHING delivered here). - Feb 2020

There is any food here that you could want except Mexican. Food Panda is a delivery service that delivers several of the restaurants here. Lots of options for eating out both fast food and local. - May 2018

Most American fast-food chains are represented here, and most deliver, and the larger local chains (Jollibee, Max’s, Pancake House) are on par or better, quality-wise, with their American competitors. The fine dining scene is definitely a notch below the other big Asian capitals, but Makati and the Fort compensate for that with a wide range of good-quality options. We’ve also had a lot of fun eating out as a family, since all but the very nicest restaurants are casual attire, kid-friendly, and cheaper than their equivalent in the US. Filipino food is definitely an acquired taste, and if you never come around, there are plenty of other things to choose from. - Feb 2017

Makati and the Fort have an abundance of nice restaurants. Almost anything can be delivered by third-party delivery services and the same sort of fast food take-out that is popular in the U.S. is popular here. Seafront is located in a much poorer part of town and walkable options are few, however a major mall, some all you can eat buffets, and a few high end hotel restaurants are all within a 10 minute taxi ride. - Jul 2016

There's lots of fast food, I don't eat fast food though so I have no idea the cost. - Jan 2016

Filipino food tends to be laden with grease and sugar, and many Westerners find it unappealing, particularly in comparison with other Southeast Asian cuisines. Many Western chain restaurants are available, particularly fast food outlets. It's difficult to find healthy and appetizing Filipino food. In fact, Filipinos have the highest rate of diabetes of any country in the world. - Jan 2016

All American restaurants. Japanese and Korean available. - Sep 2015

Same as the U.S. - Aug 2015

Fast food is ubiquitous. There are also some really good nicer restaurants. Price is fairly comparable to the U.S., including the more expensive restaurants being just as expensive. - Aug 2015

Everything is available and it is a little more pricey than the U.S. McDonald's, Wendys, KFC, Cold Stone, PF Changs, Outback to name a few. - Sep 2014

All the normal American style fast food places, along with Filipino fast food places such as Jolibees. - Jan 2014

Most common American fast food establishments are available: McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme As stated above, many decent American style restaurants are available. Cost range is on par with American prices. - Dec 2013

Extensive selection of U.S. based chains. - Nov 2013

There are tons of great food options here, prices are similar to U.S. prices. There are McDonald's, Hooters, Chilis, Papa Johns, KFC, Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. - Aug 2013

There are many american fast food restaurants and they all deliver for very cheap. - Apr 2013

All the major American chains are here. There is plenty of international food, and it's not bad, but generally bland and generic. I gave Filipino food many chances, but it's very disappointing. Fruit drinks are amazing and beer is cheap and not too bad. - Feb 2013

Many American fast-food restaurants are available, including McDonald's, Pizza Hut & KFC. Jollibee is the local fast-food favorite, although we are not fans. - Sep 2012

Filipinos seem to love fast food. Restaurants of all types and even American chains are plentiful. Many people gain weight due to the poor quality (lots of high fat, sodium and MSG), but relatively cheap restaurant food. - May 2012

Filipinos love America, and anything American, so you can find your Starbucks, McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Shakey's Pizza, Burger King...Seriously it won't be hard to find fast food (we have about 6 Starbucks, 4 Coffee Bean, and I think 5 McDonalds within a quarter mile radius from us). The cost of Starbucks & Coffee Bean is similar to the US, McDonald's is even cheaper. - Mar 2012

Almost any type of fast food is here, and they deliver!Lunchtime around the Embassy has all the biggies delivering: Papa Johns, McDonalds, Jollibee, KFC, etc. Many American restaurants: TGIFridays, California Pizza Kitchen, etc at the big malls only. - Jan 2012

All major fast-food options are available from McDonald's to Burger King to Pizza Hut to Taco Bell and a lot more. There are also a lot of Filipino-branded fast food restaurants like Jollibee. Costs of all of the above is less than in the US. - Jul 2011

Anything you want, you can get: from TGI Fridays, McDonald's, Pizza, Indian food, Thai. Generally very affordable or on par with the US (in US chains). Most places deliver (yes, even McDonald's) - May 2011

McDonald's is cheap but does not have exactly the same flavors. Krispy Kreme, TGI Fridays, Chilis, Outback, Texas Roadhouse, etc., all a little bit cheaper (except the alcohol). - May 2011

The Philippines is the real Fast Food Nation. Anything you want, you can get in fast food variety. Filipino food is roundly critized by almost all expats, but there is a wide selection of excellent international cuisine, including Chinese, Japanese, Indian, American, and Mediterranean. - Feb 2010

McDonalds, Jollibees (Filpino equivalent of McD's), KFC, Kenny Rogers, Pizza Hut, Shakeys, Yellow Cab Pizza, some Wendys, Sparro pizza. Also Applebees, Fridays, Hard Rock Cafe, California Pizza Kitchen..lots!Fast food is cheaper than U.S. but have to figure out how to order it so you get what you like. Prices vary depending on location. In nice areas, eating U.S. food, cost of food is equivalent to U.S. prices. If eating Filipino, price is less. Steak is outrageously priced for decent steak. - Jan 2010

Restaurants are generally plentiful and relatively inexpensive (especially compared to D.C.!) All types of food are available and most of the fast food chains are here. Filipinos love sweet food, so bakeries and Krispy Kreme abound. - Jul 2009

McDos, Jollie Bee (which I have yet to eat at), KFC (although no biscuits! What is that all about?), Pizza Hut, and a lot of other generic American stuff. Plus a lot of places deliver, which is nice. It is a usually a bit cheaper unless you are eating imported meat or something. - Apr 2009

Filipinos love to eat! American fast food and chain coffee houses are on every corner, with slightly different menus from their U.S. counterparts. A number of good restaurants are available in every price range. Filipino food can be very good or very sweet - and definitely worth a try. - Jun 2008


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