Manila - Post Report Question and Answers

Are qualified veterinarians and/or good kennel services available? Do animals need to be quarantined upon entry to the country? Are there other considerations regarding pets that are particular to this country?

There are pets and vets everywhere. This is a very dog-friendly country with dogs in the mall and in restaurants. - Mar 2023

Yes, I don't have pets but friends who do have had good things to say. I don't know what the process of bringing animals in, but I know it's been done without any serious stress. There are stray cats everywhere you look if you want to adopt one... - May 2022

Decent veterinary care, I have heard of decent kennels. No quarantine required. - Apr 2021

We don't have pets, so I'm not sure about this. Lots of friends have dogs and cats. If you live in anything other than an apartment (Makati homes or Seafront), there are stray cats, so just be aware of that. There are stray dogs on the streets, so get your rabies shots. - Oct 2020

Yes, there are qualified vets. My helper takes care of my cat when I travel. No quarantine. I buy my cats food and litter from Amazon. - Feb 2020

Yes, I have heard that there are good vets but we haven't needed one yet. I don't know about kennel services. Animals need a series of vaccinations and a certificate of good health but do not need to be quarantined if they have all the requirements. This seems like it is a harder place for dogs - if you aren't in a house the pavement gets very hot when walking and there aren't too many dog-friendly places. - May 2018

No direct experience, although we’re not aware of any quarantine restrictions. This isn’t the greatest place for a dog, because of the heat/humidity/lack of green space, but we know many families (both local and expat) who have happy dogs. Many apartment buildings also have strict rules about dogs (e.g., must wear muzzles on the elevators), and many household employees are terrified of dogs, so keep that in mind when looking for housing and/or staff. - Feb 2017

Yes, and they come to your home. A house call costs about $20. No quarantine. - Jul 2016

Nope, great medical care for pets, inexpensive, and they come to your house. - Jan 2016

No quarantine, and yes, there are plenty of vets and good kennels available. - Jan 2016

Not sure - Sep 2015

Pets do not need to be quarantined and there is quality pet care here. - Aug 2015

No quarantine. The vets are really pretty good and one good one will make housecalls. We haven't tried kenneling, since our housekeeper is willing to watch the cats. - Aug 2015

Vets come to your house and make life simple. Care is cheap and I have found it to be very good. Kennels are fairly inexpensive and well kept; also and no quarantine is needed. - Sep 2014

There is normally no quarantine here but if the incoming paperwork is not correct, then the animal can be put in a quarantine area until any issues are resolved. - Jan 2014

No. - Dec 2013

No. - Aug 2013

No. Just current rabies shots. Also need an import certificate, that must be arranged before flying here.(Our embassy sponsor took care of that for us.) - Mar 2012

No. - Jan 2012

No - May 2011

Don't know. - May 2011

I don't believe so. - Jul 2009


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