Manila - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Nothing really. - Mar 2023

Healthy canned foods and sauces. - May 2022

You only need to ship grocery items if there's a specific brand that you prefer, which you may not be able to find. Otherwise you can get it here if you're willing to pay. As an example, we ship Nutri-Grain bars, but you can find a knock-off version here very just doesn't taste QUITE right. If you have a picky eater child, you might want to set up an auto-buy on Amazon. - Oct 2020

Canned black beans and green chiles. - Feb 2020

It varies; today I need wrapping paper. If you have small kids it seems like you will go to 20 birthday parties per year. More U.S. meds would have been helpful; they are available here, but you purchase by the pill so you don't really have a medicine cabinet. Dishwasher detergent seems to be scarce and expensive. - May 2018

Diapers, if you’re in that phase of life, because they can be difficult to find in bulk. Most toiletries are available, although if you really want a specific brand or type (especially feminine products), you’ll want to ship those in advance. - Feb 2017

Good flour and other grains. Electronics are very expensive on the local market. - Jul 2016

Bug spray with DEET - Jan 2016

Healthy snacks. - Jan 2016

Boxes and boxes of cereal and real maple syrup. Grocery stores have different cereals, but they are considerably more expensive than in the States. The same goes for maple syrup. - Jan 2016

Minor creature comforts. Pillows etc... - Sep 2015

Good cereal, natural peanut butter. - Aug 2015

I shop online a lot to deal with the stuff I can't get. Hair dye other than dark brown or black. Many things due to expense. - Aug 2015

Brown sugar but mostly things are available. You just have to buy them when you see them. - Sep 2014

Nothing. - Jan 2014

Common feminine hygiene products are unavailable. Many cosmetics contain whitening lotion, so you must be careful. Bulk items of toilet paper, dish washing liquid or laundry detergent are cheaper purchased ahead of time. Chlorine or pool shock is best shipped in HHE, if you're a family in a house. - Dec 2013

Nothing, really. Most items we use are available locally or on Amazon. - Nov 2013

Nothing, you can get almost anything or order it from Amazon. - Aug 2013

I had everything I needed available there. - Apr 2013

A larger television -- Amazon only ships up to 37 inches through DPO. Anything else can be shipped from the U.S. - Feb 2013

"DEET-free" mosquito repellent at a reasonable price. - May 2012

Bread flour (cannot find it ANYWHERE), canned pumpkin (ditto), black beans and other type of beans (sometimes you see it for sale, but you never know if it'll be there when you need it). If you like tanning, you cannot find tanning lotion anywhere. As for cosmetics, you can find pretty much anything, but you may pay a price for it. Also, lots of people have difficulty in finding shoes and clothing their size (Filipinos are petite), but that's what online shopping is for! - Mar 2012

Infant and baby supplies (they are available here, but not as good quality or questionable content).A HEPA grade air filter for the house. - Jan 2012

Paper products - everything from toilet paper to paper towels. Brown sugar - light and dark. Canned pumpkin for the holidays. - Jul 2011

I would bring a breadmaker and hand soap. I hate the smell of the handsoap available on the local market. - May 2011

Pool toys for the kids. Birthday/Christmas presents. - May 2011

Air purifiers and dehumidifiers. If you do not have air purifiers running constantly, you can come home to a smog cloud in your living room. If you do not have dehumidifiers running constantly, you house and clothes can quickly develop mold. - Feb 2010

Kirkland Laundry Detergent, Kirkland Toilet Paper, Wipes, Swiffer refills etc. YOu can get here, but expensive. Also sport equipment such as baseball bats, gloves etc. cause expensive here. Ziploc bags and also rubbermaid containers to keep your food in to eliminate pests. I mailed my spices and was happy I did that. Bedding materials buy before you come like Mattress pads, sheets etc. Cheaper in the states and better quality. Larger womens clothing. Buy lots before you come like pants. I am a size 10-12 and have difficulty buying tops here unless you pay expensive prices. Sometimes I luck out and find some. Pants are tougher. Also bathing suits. Battery back-up for your computer and surge protectors for others like t.v. We bought and shipped one before we came. Extremely important with power outages. Embassy supplies aircleaners, but if you have any at home BRING THEM! More of my Winter stuff because we went ice skating and had no gloves or if you travel to cold weather. - Jan 2010

High-quality bed linens, detergents, cleaning supplies and baking supplies. - Jul 2009

Paper plates, paper cups, decent tupperware, wrapping paper, printer cartridges, batteries. - Apr 2009

Only things that you absolutely must have. The only other thing I can think of is good quality cotton sheets in light colours, because they aren't always easy to find. - Jun 2008


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