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What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

There are free gym in most buildings and at the Seafront. There are outside gyms, but I don't know the prices. - Mar 2023

Each apartment has its own, and there are many commercial gyms throughout the city - Mar 2023

A few good ones on the old base. Quite a few not-so-good (but cheap) ones off-base. - May 2022

Most condo buildings have gyms. There are plenty available in the community, not sure of cost. - Apr 2021

Gyms are plentiful, inexpensive (by American city standards especially). You can hire a personal trainer and pay for your monthly gym membership for next to nothing. The embassy has a nice gym, and there's a small gym on Seafront that has everything you need, including racquetball courts, pool, tennis courts, and a basketball court on the embassy grounds. - Oct 2020

Barre Class in BGC and Rockwell. Gold's gym seems very crowded. I've seen people through the windows. - Feb 2020

We have a workout room in our apartment complex (as most do) but there are several private clubs around. Price varies. I work with a personal trainer who charges about 15 USD/session. - May 2018

There is a small gym on the main Embassy compound, and another on the Seafront compound, both free for employees. Many of the high-rise residential buildings also have small/medium gyms for residents. If you need something more, Makati and the Fort both also have private gyms available for varying membership fees. - Feb 2017

Gyms are expensive. A lot of people use the gyms at the Embassy and at Seafront (open to non-Seafront residents as long as they are a member of the American Recreation Club, which almost everyone is). - Jul 2016

Yes they are available, though they aren't that much cheaper than the States. The embassy gym isn't bad. - Jan 2016

There are some in town, but the machines are often poorly maintained. I'm not sure of the cost there. (The U. S. Embassy has quite a nice gym). - Jan 2016

Yes. Most are 60-80 pesos a day or $2 per day. - Sep 2015

Yes. Our building has a gym so I'm not sure what one would pay locally. - Aug 2015

There are gyms everywhere there are expats. Prices are as high as the U.S. In the nicer neighborhoods, the gyms look really nice, but the commute would be impossible from our housing. There is a small gym in the Embassy and a larger one on the Seafront compound. - Aug 2015

Yes, the Embassy and most apartment buildings have a gym on-site. Golds Gym and Crossfit memberships are available. Bikram yoga studios are also available. - Dec 2013

Yes. - Nov 2013

Yes, the U.S. Embassy has a brand-new facility, and there are other gyms available for a fee. - Apr 2013

Yes, the embassy and Seafront have gyms, and they're good enough. - Feb 2013

Yes, most condos have decent gyms, BGC has a fitness world, and in Rockwell many people (including us) belong to the Rockwell Club, which has excellent facilities. - Sep 2012

Yes, at the Seafront compound and in most apartment buildings. (There is an annual charge for the Seafront facilities). - May 2012

If you live in Makati or the Fort, there are a ton of gym options, either full gyms or more specialized places (yoga studios, bikram, martial arts, dance, crossfit...). - Mar 2012

Yes. The embassy has a gym in the NOX building. Usually the local staff hang out there because they can watch tv. It is open to anyone who works there. At Seafront, the ARC sponsors a gym, tennis court, etc, membership is required to use them. The ARC gym is open to Americans only. - Jan 2012

Yes. Fitness First and Gold's Gym are located throughout the city. Membership rates are equivalent to the US but so are the facilities. - Jul 2011

Yes, very affordable and nearly everywhere you go. - May 2011

Yes, at the embassy, on the economy, and in some apartment buildings. - May 2011

There are plenty of gyms all over the city that you can join for U.S. prices. Seafront has its own gym, and so do many of the highrise apartment buildings. - Feb 2010

Gyms in the condos, lots of workout facilities are available. People in houses usually opt to join a fitness studio. You can take tennis lessons, dance lessons, Scuba certification is huge here, swimming etc. Also a personal trainer is about 10 bucks an hour. Great! - Jan 2010

Many condos have their own gyms, and there is a chain of Fitness First facilities throughout metro Manila. Both the main embassy compound and seafront compound have gyms, as well as almost all of the nice hotels. - Jul 2009

There are gyms available and a lot of the condo buildings have great gyms with hired trainers. - Apr 2009


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