Manila - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

No. It's the tropics, so there's the occasional bug, but no infestations. - Mar 2023

You’ll find bugs from time to time, even in the high-rises, but it wasn’t a major issue. Mold can be a problem, however. - Mar 2023

No matter what you do, you are going to have ants. - May 2022

Typical for urban, tropical living. - Apr 2021

It's the tropics, and this isn't Singapore. You're going to find some bugs and lizards and whatnot. I personally don't think it's a big deal, but everyone's level of bug tolerance is different. - Oct 2020

Mosquitoes, ants and cockroaches....typical for tropical weather. We also have little lizards that don't seem to hurt anything. - Feb 2020

Even though we live in a high rise ants seem to find their way in. The building recommends chemical treatment that we will do when we are not in the unit. - May 2018

Nothing more than what we expected for a tropical city. - Feb 2017

You will have bugs. They aren't that bad. - Jul 2016

Lots of mosquitos, Dengue can be a problem. - Jan 2016

There will be cockroaches and ants in your home, no matter how clean your place is. Dengue fever (transmitted through mosquitoes) is a significant problem in Manila. - Jan 2016

Mosquitoes are impossible, unbearable, and just pure evil. They are small and noiseless, so I cannot hear them attack me! I do not go outside without a mosquito repellent, especially during the rainy season because so many people we know have had dengue fever. Watch our for monstrous cockroaches and ticks. - Jan 2016

Not many just the usual coaches and roaches. - Sep 2015

There's dengue here and lots of little bugs crawling about. - Aug 2015

Mosquitoes with dengue. Ants. Roaches. I've been relying on diatomaceous earth. - Aug 2015

Lots of mosquitos and mosquito borne illnesses, ants, roaches. - Sep 2014

No real issues with any insects. Once in awhile I see and get rid of a cockroach. - Jan 2014

Not many in Manila. - Dec 2013

In Manila, few to speak of. Some units have cockroaches or ants, but rarely are they troublesome. Outside of the city, mosquitoes can carry dengue or (in Palawan) Malaria. - Nov 2013

Again, I would compare it to Florida. There are mosquitos, cockroaches, lizards, beetles, worms, huge snails and they all come out after the rain. I wouldn't consider it bad though, you probably see even less if you're in the sky-rise apartments in the Fort. - Aug 2013

Mosquitoes are everywhere, but if you use repellent they are not too bad. - Apr 2013

Mosquitoes are bad. We have had ant problems in our car (what are they eating?) and house, despite our best efforts. Weavils got into almost all of our dry goods, requiring us to toss a bunch of stuff. After we purchased airtight containers, the problem disappeared. - Feb 2013

In our condo, we have little fruit flies that we just can't seem to get rid of. Around the rest of Manila there are giant flying cockroaches. - Sep 2012

Dengue fever is a major concern here, with three people we know having been hospitalized due to contracting this. A four-year-old child living in the ritzy Forbes Park neighborhood died due to Dengue last year. Roaches and other insects can be an issue, depending on where you are housed. - May 2012

Lots of BIG cockroaches outside (like any tropical country), but we have had no issues with it inside our apartment. Loads of mosquitoes, but if you live in an apartment in Makati or the Fort you won't be bothered by them. - Mar 2012

Cockroaches at night. We only saw one in our apartment. Our yaya keeps our place pretty clean, so we haven't seen any inside our apartment. Mosquitos outside, ants perhaps. Just like living in Southern Florida really. - Jan 2012

Big, large flying cockroaches. Ravenous mosquitoes. And all sorts of ants from harmless brown ones to the biting kind. It's a tropical climate, so expect a lot of insects around the place. The mosquitoes can carry dengue - even in Manila. Most sprays, candles and other defenses don't really work. The roaches are just gross but I didn't hear of people having them in their house. But the brown ants can be a kitchen nuisance. - Jul 2011

The mosquitoes are fairly vicious. Cockroaches. Embassy GSO does a good job of controlling them, however. - May 2011

Regular tropical bugs. - May 2011

Mosquitoes are ever-present, and dengue fever is a problem, particularly in the rainy season. Malaria is only an issue in Palawan. - Feb 2010

Definitely mosquitos. I just experienced Dengue and it was no fun and can't even remember getting bitten. Condos are nicer in this regard than a house. I have heard of large cockroaches, but haven't had a problem personally with them. Ants..large and tiny tiny small ones you can hardly see. - Jan 2010

Mosquitoes are problematic, particularly outside of metro Manila. Dengue fever is a growing concern, although one can minimize the risk by avoiding standing water and going out at dusk. - Jul 2009

You have to be vigilant about bugs here. Food can't be left out and regular pest control is a must (find a company that adheres to Western standards of pesticides). - Apr 2009


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