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What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

It's very hot and humid from May-August. Bearably hot from September-November. And beautifully temperate from December-February. - Mar 2023

Weather alternates between hot and very hot, with dry and rainy seasons. December to February is the most comfortable time of the year, while June-November has more rain and typhoons. (About 20 per year) - Mar 2023

June-September - Rain and more rain. Flooding. Rain for days. September-November - Slightly less rain. Typhoons a possibility. December-February - Perfect, breezy weather. Even gets down to the 60s at night sometimes. March-May - Infernal oven weather. No rain. Even the wind is hot. Everything dirty and dusty. Almost 100 degrees during the day. - May 2022

It's either dry and hot, or wet and hot. January and February are nice. June-December is rainy season. - Apr 2021

It's 80-95 year-round. There are places you can find extremes. I was in the far south in May 2019 and it was over 100. Likewise, in the mountain city of Baguio during the winter it can almost get down to the 40s. But expect 80-95 day or night, spring, summer, fall, winter. - Oct 2020

Hot & wet and hot & hot. - Feb 2020

It's rarely cool. Temps are always high. This year the dry season has started in March but we still get showers, and that's when it tends to get hotter. Rainy season begins in July and lasts until October or so, and there can be flooding of the side streets and the houses. - May 2018

There are three seasons here. The hot-dry season (or “summer” to the locals) runs from mid-March to mid-June, and can be brutal. The rainy season follows, from mid-June to early November, and features heavy afternoon thunderstorms rather than constant rain.

The cool-dry season, from mid-November to mid-March, is quite pleasant, particularly when compared to the other two seasons – with temperatures even dropping to the upper 70s (low 20s Celsius) at night, to the point that it’s nice enough to eat dinner at an outdoor table. Typhoons can arrive at any time, although they are most common during the rainy season. - Feb 2017

Very hot and humid in the summer, generally pleasant during the winters. Monsoon rains in the summer are like snow storms in NYC. They happen regularly, occasionally close work and school for a day, but everything gets back to normal the day after. - Jul 2016

Hot, hot, hot and humid all year long. Dry season from November-April and wet season from May-October. Nicest time of year is December-February. When it rains, it pours and the city is not set up to handle all the wonder. There is constant and severe flooding on the roads during rainy Season making the already horrible traffic even worse. - Jan 2016

Rainy for half of the year (usually a couple of dozen typhoons pass through per year, causing various amounts of flooding in the city) and dry for the other half of the year. It's hot and humid at all times, with the coolest season in Dec-Feb and the hottest March-May. - Jan 2016

Hot and humid summers and "cool" winters. In February it cools off to lower mid 70s (sometimes). Mid-April - September are the hottest months. Rainy season (June - November) can be difficult when Manila's streets flood. Driving is painful then - it takes really long time to get anywhere. Typhoons of various intensity are regular during the rainy season. - Jan 2016

Very hot during the daytime. Many Pinoys carry umbrellas to block the sun and prevent themselves from getting darker. - Sep 2015

There are three seasons, rainy May-October (hot and humid), winter (cool evenings and 80's during the day) November-February and summer (hot, but no hotter than a DC summer). - Aug 2015

It is hot and humid, with a rainy season and a not so rainy season. There's a brief period once a year where it's nice out. - Aug 2015

Rainy, hot, humid. - Sep 2014

The weather in the Philippines is, as expected, very hot and humid. There are a few areas in the mountains that are several degrees cooler. Each year there are typhoons that always hit the country, and more often than not, there is wide-spread destruction of homes, accompanied by high death tolls. - Jan 2014

Rainy and dry season-- be ready for flooding as it's inevitable near the Embassy. - Dec 2013

Mid March - early June, hot and dry. June - November, hot and wet. December - early March mostly pleasant and dry, but still a little muggy. - Nov 2013

This is rainy season and I would compare it to Florida. It's warm, humid and rains almost every day for 2-4 hours, then the sun comes out and you can continue on with your day. I would recommend to take advantage and go swimming/do things anytime it's nice, that way when the storms roll in you don't mind grabbing a corner of the couch and watching a movie. - Aug 2013

Weather is tropical warm year 'round, with a rainy season and a dry season. - Apr 2013

Most of the year it's humid and hot with a chance of rain. For about 3 months it's dry and hot, and beautiful at night. Then there is the monsoon season and the hurricane parade. These are especially difficult if you live on the Seafront compound, as the apartment parking lot floods during heavy rain---it flooded 10 straight days last year. You have to wade through knee-deep water and save your car by moving it to higher ground. It also makes it difficult to travel, which is the biggest advantage of living in this country. Although the weather is nice at night, I find it impossible to enjoy it on a regular basis. Our seafront apartment does not have windows that open. There is no communal area with screens where people could congregate. You can go to outdoor restaurants or play sports, but most of the time it feels like a waste of being in the tropics. - Feb 2013

Hot & rainy from June to Oct. Cool (relatively speaking) and dry Nov-Mar.Hot & dry Mar-May. - Sep 2012

Hot and humid and hot and rainy. - May 2012

I think you can divide the weather here in two seasons:hot and sunny, and hot and rainy. People warned us of raining season, but I didn't know that meant a couple of weeks without even seeing the sun peeking out. During the rainy season it rains a LOT.Things here flood quite quickly once the rain starts (but drains fairly fast once it stops).If you're coming here, don't forget your rain boots!The black dirty flooding water is disgusting. - Mar 2012

About 80-90 degrees, all the time. There is the rainy season, and the dry season. Lots of typhoons come through. This last year a big one hit Manila and the Embassy had serious water damage because of it's location. Otherwise, just expect rain at strange times. - Jan 2012

Hot, humid and rainy or hot, less humid, and less rainy. It's a tropical climate but there are seasons:Winter - November to February - is the best season. Warm/hot and not so humid during the day and warm with no humidity in the evening. Summer - March to June - is hot/hot and humid during the day and night with very little rain. Rainy season - June to October - is rainy but not rain all day long. It's mostly heavy rain for a few hours every day with the very good chance of typhoons and tropical storms throughout. - Jul 2011

Hot, wet and hot. If you love sun, this is your place. Wet season lasts generally from June through September/October. While a few typhoons may affect the western side of the island of Luzon, usually rain is limited to a few hours a day during the rainy season. - May 2011

Warm/hot and sunny for part of the year, warm/hot and rainy the rest of the year (approx July - November). - May 2011

Tropical island monsoon climate, beautiful all year around. Rainy season runs from about May to October. The cool dry season runs November to February, and the hot dry season runs March to May. Year-around highs average 90 degrees. - Feb 2010

June-October is the rainy season. Lots of rain and typhoon warnings. Nov-Feb nice..reminds me of Southern California. March-May is considered summer so is hot and relatively dry. This is when the local schools are out for their summer break. - Jan 2010

The weather is generally 80-90 degrees year round, with high humidity. The rainy season lasts from approximately June - November. - Jul 2009

Hot, hot and wet, moderately hot, and hot and breezy. - Apr 2009

Hot and humid. Hot and rainy. - Jun 2008


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