Manila - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

Not that I've seen. - Mar 2023

Not really. - May 2022

No, except for pearls. - Apr 2021

There are a ton of great handicraft options, but I would recommend travelling throughout the country to buy them. There's great fabric in Mindanao, amazing woodwork in the Visayas, there's great and varied regional cuisine (from spicy Thai-like food in Bicol, to ceviche-inspired raw tuna salads in Mindanao, to sweet beef stews in the mountains of Luzon). However, if you just hang out in Manila you're going to see tons of H&M, Uniqlo, Banana Republic, and Lacoste stores in shopping malls, and buy your Starbucks mug that says "Philippines." - Oct 2020

There are great finds here, but you have to leave the city to find the gems I think (pearls). - Feb 2020

Not really a shopping post - prices are high and you will be charged an expat price. AWCP has a monthly bazaar that features local vendors. Modern shops are here but are higher priced. - May 2018

It depends on your definition of “shopping.” The large malls are fantastic, and if you’re into mall walking or window shopping, you’ll really love it here. Handicrafts are a bit harder to find, although you can get great deals on pearls at Greenhills and some of the other budget malls, and some of our friends have found decent wood products in the provinces. (Be forewarned: this is a tropical country, so make sure any wood products are kiln-dried before you buy them. - Feb 2017

Not really. There is some interesting fabric. - Jul 2016

Hand crafted wood and pearls. - Jan 2016

Manila is overrun with malls, most of which don't have anything interesting or unusual. Weekend travel can be appealing when traffic jams and flight delays aren't too extreme. - Jan 2016

Pearls, silver items, and wooden furniture. - Jan 2016

Everything - Sep 2015

Rattan, wicker, Filipino mahogany, lovely handicrafts, PEARLS. - Aug 2015

Pearls. - Aug 2015

Pearls. - Sep 2014

Nothing special stands out. - Jan 2014

Batangas butterfly knives and pearls. - Dec 2013

Pearls are pretty inexpensive here. - Aug 2013

Pearls, furniture, Catholic religious paraphernalia. - Feb 2013

Fakes at Greenhills, diving trips, pampering by impoverished locals. - May 2012

Lots of Filipino handicrafts, from furniture to home decor (gorgeous vases made of coconut shells and lots of capiz and wood carved goodies), and don't forget the pearls at greenhills, you can find every type you want! - Mar 2012

Wooden carved figurines, handicrafts from recycled items, coconut liquor - Jan 2012

Pearls. Hand-made furniture. - Jul 2011

Handcrafted wooden boxes with mother of pearl inlay, lots and lots of real pearl jewelry (Greenhills) - May 2011

Furniture, clothes, handicrafts. - May 2011

Pearls, furniture, clothing, handicrafts, picture frames. - Feb 2010

woodwork and furniture. - Jan 2010

Handmade furniture, wood carvings and pearls. - Jul 2009

Massages, manicures, pedicures, facials, lasik surgery, botox, and other vain items. The Filipino art is nothing to write home about but you can find other Asian art here for relatively good prices. - Apr 2009

Baskets, furniture, items made from capiz, wood carvings - Jun 2008


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