Manila - Post Report Question and Answers

But don't forget your:

Sunscreen and bathing suit. - Mar 2023

anything can be bought via Amazon. - Mar 2023

Patience.. smile.. cash.. - May 2022

Patience. - Apr 2021

SCUBA gear, swimsuit, sunscreen, and sense of adventure. - Oct 2020

Flip flops and sturdy car. - Feb 2020

Patience, as it will take you longer to do things and get places than it does other places. Summer clothes and sunscreen are a must. - May 2018

Sunscreen. - Feb 2017

Sunblock and bugs spray. - Jul 2016

Sunscreen - Jan 2016

patience, patience, patience. - Jan 2016

sense of humor and patience. Bring a lot of patience :)) When Filipinos ask you to wait a little, they say: "for a while, ma'am/sir", and this "for a while" can be anywhere from 2 to 42 minutes. So bring lots of patience. - Jan 2016

Protection sunscreen etc... - Sep 2015

Patience. - Aug 2015

Smile, patience, umbrella, rubber boots. - Aug 2015

Umbrella, flip flops, car parts such as tires, favorite holiday treats. - Sep 2014

Bring your curiosity with you so that you can explore and enjoy what the Philippines have to offer. - Jan 2014

Suitcase, sunglasses, bathing suit, and scuba gear. - Dec 2013

Lonely Planet. - Nov 2013

Larger-size clothes and shoes. It is difficult to find large sizes in Manila. - Apr 2013

Patience and plenty of things to entertain yourself at home. - Feb 2013

Meds! Bring any medications you like from home. Cold and sinus medicines are not very good here, and some have been banned in the US/Canada, so I would recommend bringing them from home. - Sep 2012

Umbrella, swimsuit, patience. - May 2012

Patience. Filipinos are very-nice, but lack the efficiency other Asian cultures are known for. When you go out to eat, expect each person to get their meals at a different time (sometimes 15-20 minutes apart), expect to hear a lot of "wait a while" and you'll always be stuck behind people on escalators -- no walking up them here!Long lines for everything, lack of organization for most things. Even local flights are most often delayed (have plenty of reading material with you before heading to the airport!). - Mar 2012

hot weather gear, insect repellant, swimming and scuba gear and air filter! - Jan 2012

Summer clothes. Sunglasses. Umbrella. Patience. - Jul 2011

Sunscreen and sense of humor! - May 2011

patience and realization that Filipinos are Asian, first and foremost. - May 2011

Personal hygiene items, feminine products, cold and flu medicines, anti-diahhreals, summer clothes, and sense of adventure. Most of all, bring your patience, beacuse you will need it to stay sane. - Feb 2010

Car, sunglasses, piano, sports equipment, air cleaner, computer all-in-one printer/scanner/fax! Spices. Hair care products...and hair color if you do your own. Can't get the right colors here. - Jan 2010

Summer weight clothing and fabrics; patience! - Jul 2009

Summer clothes, swimsuits, sandals, and patience. - Apr 2009

Patience, patience and more patience. Good humour. Clothing in sizes larger than U.S. size M. - Jun 2008


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