Manila - Post Report Question and Answers

If you move here, you can leave behind your:

Expectations that this is going to be fancy like Thailand. - May 2022

Warm clothes (unless you can go somewhere cold on vacation). - Apr 2021

Winter clothes. Wool suits. - Oct 2020

Winter clothes...just throw them away ;-). - Feb 2020

Biking is hard in the city but doable. Winter clothes are not really necessary unless you take a trip to China or Japan during the winter months or drive up to Baguio, but even then layers are fine. - May 2018

Winter clothes, unless you’re planning a trip well outside of SE Asia. Leather clothing/bags, because they can go moldy fast in the humidity. - Feb 2017

Winter clothes. - Jul 2016

Winter jacket. - Jan 2016

winter clothes, sense of punctuality, and expectations of functionality. - Jan 2016

expectation of always being in control :) - Jan 2016

Wife or girlfriend. Just kidding :-) - Sep 2015

WInter coat. - Aug 2015

Winter clothes (except for traveling in colder climes). - Aug 2015

Winter clothes. - Sep 2014

The hopes of getting things done in a quick manner. - Jan 2014

Winter coat, sedan, and little black book. - Dec 2013

Winter coats. - Nov 2013

winter clothes. - Apr 2013

Bicycle and winter clothes. - Feb 2013

Winter Clothes. - Sep 2012

Winter clothing. - May 2012

Winter clothes!The seasons here are hot and hottest!Think flipflops, shorts and sundresses year-round. - Mar 2012

High expectations, cold weather gear - Jan 2012

Winter supplies. - Jul 2011

winter gear. - May 2011

Winter clothing, bicycle, and clean lungs. - Feb 2010

Most of your winter clothes. Just bring a few. If you are moving into a condo, space will be a huge issue so leave behind anything you can or don't need. Also leave behind if you can with family your valuable things like wedding album etc. - Jan 2010

Cold weather gear. - Jul 2009

Winter clothes, year supply of pepto and immodium (most drugs are available here). - Apr 2009

Expectations of efficiency and competence, cold weather gear. - Jun 2008

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