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Quality pet care available (vets & kennels)?

We have a German Shepherd and almost everyone is afraid of her. There are vets, we haven't had to see one yet but I've heard great things and that they make house calls. We order her food through Amazon because it's significantly more expensive here. - Aug 2013

We don't have a pet, but there are lots of stray animals around, and the animal situation here looks sad. - May 2012

The quality is good, but some things are not comparable to the US.Said that, the vet does home visits for the equivalent of a $12 charge. He is always available by text, at no charge. The cost of vet care is also very affordable, specially compared to the over-inflated prices in the US! Though there are kennels, most people just get their helpers to sleep in when they travel instead of bothering with kennels. Grooming is not the cheapest, at P700 ($18). - Mar 2012

Unknown. - Jan 2012

Yes, there are a few in Makati. - Jul 2011

Good...the vet will come to you. - May 2011

don't know - May 2011

Vet care is fantastic and affordable in the Philippines. Pets are also inexpensive and easy to find. If you leave on vacation, it is much better to hire your helper (Katulong) to stay with your pets than to put them in a kennel. - Feb 2010

AS far as I know yes for vets, no for kennels. Most people ask a friend or the helper to stay to watch pets while out of town. People see pets very differently here and only the rich can afford the pet care. - Jan 2010

There are a few vets that offer high quality services and pet food. Instead of using a kennel, your best bet is to hire a domestic helper to stay with your pet while you are out. Several officers at the embassy have hired pet 'yayas' (nannies) to care for their pets during the day! - Jul 2009

Good vets can be found and some will come to your house. - Jun 2008


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