Manila - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

There are tons of bars and expat hangouts (some sleazy, some not). There is a lot of diving, and a number of expat pool/Hash/darts leagues. - May 2022

There are a ton of international organizations and activities. While we have local friends and other international friends, we haven't developed friends with many American expats. - Oct 2020

AWCP. - Feb 2020

Lots of clubs through Facebook, through schools, through Ma'am Manila, AWCP, BWA, ANZA and Damas Latinas. Apartment buildings have their own social activities. It's not hard to find a social outlet here. - May 2018

If you look hard enough, virtually all types of social groups are here, and dozens of ways to get together. The Embassy community is huge, so there are always new people to meet, and there are thousands of other expats (both US and non-US) if you want to break out of the Embassy circle. - Feb 2017

There are as many options are you are likely to find anywhere outside of Western Europe. Fraternal organizations are still popular here, as are charitable and other groups. A number of clubs have club houses with nice facilities available to members. - Jul 2016

Bars and restaurants in the nicer communities, dinner, drinks, go to the mall. There are concerts and little things you can find if you try. - Jan 2016

Restaurants and weekend trips. Unfortunately, the traffic really cuts down on social life. This impacts singles in particular. - Jan 2016

Many - Sep 2015

Going out to dinner is a big thing here. There are tons of malls, and supper clubs as well as movie theaters. Once can ice skate too, or check out a concert. There's a lot to do here. This is a big Asian metropolis. You'll only be limited by traffic. - Aug 2015

Eating out, going to the movies, wandering around the high end malls. - Aug 2015

Eating out, movies are cheap. - Sep 2014

There are bars, nightclubs, and various other forms of good entertainment in the Manila area. - Jan 2014

Travel, upscale nightclubs, casinos, karaoke, hookah bars, movies, bowling, concerts. - Dec 2013

There are lots of good restaurants/happy hours at the multiple malls around town. Gin is cheap here so get used to drinking gin & tonics or gin & ginger ale! The beer is pretty much all San Miguel but the Pale Pilsen & Red Horse are decent and pretty inexpensive. Even going out to a restaurant you won't pay more than 50 pesos [43 = US$1] for either of those beers. - Aug 2013

Nightlife is very popular in Manila. - Apr 2013

Going to restaurants in malls? Having dinner parties? Using the sports facilities? Your guess is as good as mine, as we have really struggled to have a social life during our time here. - Feb 2013

We've met a good group of people here and often get together for dinner/cocktails, etc. There are many good restaurants around so plenty of places to socialize. - Sep 2012

Everyone does their own thing. - May 2012

Lots of bars, but local bars close at midnight. Lots and lots of different restaurants. A few clubs as well, sports bars, etc. You won't get bored, unless you chose to! - Mar 2012

We have young children - we have none! - Jan 2012

During the day, you can go to Seafront for tennis or squash lessons or meeting up with a personal fitness training. It's also possible to find golf, badminton, soccer, and other facilities around the city. In the evening, you can head to a movie theater, coffee shop, or a mall to meet friends. There are also several decent restaurants. There are numerous clubs and bars. They range in quality from seedy to posh and the prices reflect it. Also, some expats will host house parties. - Jul 2011

Can be great, but the traffic and congestion in the city often puts a damper on plans. It's a major effort to go from one end of the city to the other. If you live in Makati or the Fort, opportunities abound. First run American movies are very inexpensive at air conditioned theatres. - May 2011

Entertaining is easy here, and there are lots of activities like movies, bowling, or shopping - all at the mall. There are plenty of restaurants, and the Filipinos are the world's biggest partygoers. There is no shortage of nightlife, but most of it surrounds redlight activities. - Feb 2010

Can be busy or stay home if you want?There are dances etc. among expat community and lots of local events. Lots to do - Jan 2010

There is a lot to do in Manila, and you can be as involved with the embassy and other expats as you want to be. Restaurants, cafes, and night clubs are also plentiful. - Jul 2009

Expats spend a lot of time socializing at private homes and restaurants. Bars and nightclubs abound, but most seem a bit seedy. It's easy to find friends through work and schools. - Jun 2008

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