Manila - Post Report Question and Answers

Morale among expats:

Honestly, it's a mixed bag. A lot of people don't seem to like it here during their first year or so and then suddenly turn a corner once they have a relaxing beach vacation! Get out of Manila and see what else the Philippines has to offer because it's a beautiful country outside of the city. I'm really enjoying the post but I think I'd set my expectations incredibly low so I've been blown away with how much is available here & how nice everyone is. - Aug 2013

I would say high. - Apr 2013

Mixed, but probably below average. Those coming from less developed countries, those who love diving, and those who want helpers seem the happiest. Some love it, some are comfortable and like it, some are comfortable and don't like it, some detest it. - Feb 2013

Good to great. Most people have some culture shock when they first arrive, but once they meet some people and get adjusted, people like it here. - Sep 2012

Good among single men especially. Okay among couples. Wanes with families. - May 2012

It varies. People here seem to either love it or hate it -- some even get bothered by security guards saying "good morning, mam" when you walk on the street -- that's just the Filipino niceness. People forget that the Philippines is still a third world country!For a third world country you have MANY comforts of a first world one, and some days you even forget you're outside the US (places like Makati or the Fort feel like you're in an American city with lots of Asian immigrants, and not actually thousands of miles away). - Mar 2012

Iffy. Some love it here, others hate it and can't wait to leave, some are middle of the road. Personally, we cannot wait to leave. - Jan 2012

Varies to who you speak with. Some love it and some are on their 2nd or 3rd tour. Some want to leave now. But I think many are content. Whether they want to return or not is unknown. - Jul 2011

Dubious - May 2011

Variable. - May 2011

Variable. Many people love it here and come back time and again. Many people hate it here and count the days until departure. Most people go back and forth between the two, remarking that they could be somewhere worse... or better. The friendliness of the Filipinos goes a long way toward their endearment, while their seeming inability to get anything accomplished goes a long way toward frustration with the country. - Feb 2010

I think good among most. Even with weird illnesses and difficulties here, you can always find someone to share your woes with or to help you out. Good community support among ISM parents and good at Embassy. - Jan 2010

Generally pretty good. Filipinos are very laid back and Manila can be a pretty easy place to live so long as you are patient and have domestic help. - Jul 2009

It ranges. It is extremely frustrating to live here at times but can be incredible. - Apr 2009

Good. Many expats enjoy their time in Manila, despite all the frustrations. - Jun 2008

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