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English-language newspapers and TV available? Cost?

Yes, TV in my apartment was free. - Apr 2013

Filipino papers are in English. IHT is available, though pricey. - Feb 2013

Sky Cable is available for TV and has many English stations including some in HD for about $50/month. - Sep 2012

Yes. - May 2012

With cable (about $50/month) you can get pretty much all US TV programming (though in odd times/frequencies).Lots of English-language newspapers as well. - Mar 2012

Yes. International Herald Tribune and Wall Street Journal. Usually price. Local papers in English - plenty of choices. - Jan 2012

Just about every cable channel is a mix-and-match of shows from the US. Cable is about $50-60/month. Most local newspapers are in English. - Jul 2011

A subscription to the Int'l Herald Tribune 6 days a week runs 12,000 PHP/year, local papers are mostly English as well and cost less for delivery. - May 2011

Yes, widely. - May 2011

Many television channels are wholly or partially in English, and you can find many of your favorite shows from around the world on many of the international cable channels. Cable cost is slightly lower than the U.S. - Feb 2010

All available. CNN and lots of other stations with Cable. Cost much cheaper than the states. I think I just paid about 70 dollars for my cable, internet, and phone bill this month. In states it was like 150. - Jan 2010

Most local newspapers are in English. A 3-month subscription for the Philippine Star runs about $45. Cable television costs about $30 per month, and although it can take quite some time to get set up, once you have it it tends to be quite reliable. - Jul 2009

A few English-language newspapers are available and are quite inexpensive. Local stations are generally in Tagalog or Taglish (Tagalog/English blend), but there are many cable channels that can be subscribed to. - Jun 2008

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