What English-language religious services are available locally?

Filipinos speak English very well. No problems finding any service here. - Feb 2020

The Philippines is 90%+ Christian/mostly Catholic. There are services everywhere. Most malls have a place for Mass. Protestant services are not as easy to find. Most services are in English/Tagalog. I don't have experience with other religions and have not seen temples. - May 2018

85-90% of the country is Catholic, and because English is widely spoken, you can attend mass in thousands of churches/chapels around the city (even in the bigger malls have chapels). Most of the major Protestant denominations are represented as well, if you look hard enough, and there are several good-sized mosques. - Feb 2017

A large variety of Catholic, Protestant, and LDS services. Manila has several Mosques and at least one Synagogue. - Jul 2016

I assume Catholic, but not sure. - Jan 2016

There are facilities for most major Christian denominations. The most widely practiced ones locally are Roman Catholics and Church of Christ. - Jan 2016

Many - Sep 2015

All. - Aug 2015

Episcopalian, Catholic, for sure. - Aug 2015

Catholic, Mormon, Jewish. - Sep 2014

There are many religious services availabe in English. - Jan 2014

Yes, all. - May 2012

Yes, many. Anything you can imagine, though the majority is Catholic. - Mar 2012

Yes. We could not find our denomination here though - Evangelical Lutheran. - Jan 2012

Yes. Mostly Catholic but other Christian denominations available. Not sure about other religions. - Jul 2011

Philippines is heavily Roman Catholic. Many English-language services. - May 2011

Anglican and non-denominational are frequently attended by expats. - May 2011

The Philippines is a Catholic country, and churches abound. There are also Protestant, Mormon, and Muslim congregations throughout the country. - Feb 2010

Yes. Mostly Catholic, but other churches around. Not sure about Jewish. Large Indian population also here that are Hindu. - Jan 2010

The Philippines is a Catholic country, but most other religious denominations are available. I know for sure there are Jewish temples, Islamic mosques, mormon churches, and non-denominational protestant churches in Makati alone. - Jul 2009

There are many Catholic churches, some non-denominational Christian services and at least one synagogue. - Jun 2008

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