What do people who suffer from environmental or food allergies need to know?

Gluten-free can be an issue at some restaurants (one pizza place is gluten free) but mandioca flour is your hero here. I'd be extra careful when ordering just because things are super tranquillo here (if you have a high risk allergy). If you have a specific allergy brand you need like Zyrtec, Claratin, I'd ship them from the states. - Jun 2019

There are flowering trees and plants all year round which makes for a beautiful city but might cause trouble for allergy sufferers. - May 2016

Lots of allergy medicines are available over the counter. - Sep 2015

My kids have allergies here too, there are certain pollens and times of the year when they need to take more medicines. Many people who have never had allergies before, experience them here. Peanuts are not a common item in the local diet, although there are major peanut producers in the north. - Apr 2015

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