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We loved it here but understand its not for everyone. You have to be patient with some services and dinners can take a long time as they don't rush you out like in America. But it was a great post for slowing down and enjoying a quiet life. Friendships with Embassy staff are important because they are the ones you go out and explore with. If you want exciting weekends every weekend you may want to go elsewhere, but there is always something to do if you want there to be. - Jun 2019

Asuncion is 220 volts, so you bring transformers for youy 110 v equipment or leave it behind. Paraguayan culture, in my experience, is less rich than other Latin American cultures. Paraguayan society is also very family oriented and may appear "closed" to outsiders at first. Paraguay is flat and I miss the "geography" of mountainous countries. - Aug 2011

This is a strangely wonderful place unlike anywhere else. It's partially first-world, but mainly developing. It's poor, but with much opulence, too. There are no tourists, and that makes for quite an insular existence. Fascinating and enjoyable. - Apr 2010

One of the best things about Paraguay is the wonderful people. They will embrace you and make you feel like part of the family. - May 2008

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