Asuncion - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

This is generally a safe country and the people are kind. Don't get drunk late at night in a bad area. Use common sense. I feel safer here than in DC. - Jan 2021

A lot of this would be any city safety. You shouldn't walk with your phone out in case of a Moto-chorro (motorcycle pulling up to steal your purse/phone). I've only heard of this happening to two people (not embassy-related). Always be alert when walking, lock your car/door, don't leave valuables visual. I usually feel safer here than I do in the States. My son and I go for walks and I walk to school. Your biggest concern is just safety on the road. You will learn the "fish school" driving mentality here but you always have to be weary of motorcycles passing you on both sides, cars making an extra lane, etc. - Jun 2019

Pickpockets. Some motorcycle drive-by snatching. House break-ins/attempts. A few car break-in/attempts. The only violence that I have heard was a car stolen for a bank robbery and a rare drug lord shooting. - Aug 2018

I've heard of break-ins into colleague's houses, and motorcycle drive-bys but if you exercise caution and common sense, you can reduce your risk. - Jun 2018

Less than many large cities although I have heard of one home invasion and one armed robbery. I feel very safe here although we take normal precautions. - May 2016

Security is getting worse. Some foreigners get mugged for their money and passports. Riding the public buses results in pickpocketing and purse snatching. Home robberies are on the rise. Motochorros (criminals on montorcycles) are a problem. Law enforcement is lax. - Sep 2015

There are some concerns, we have had one embassy house break in here, but security upgrades have happened. - Apr 2015

Watch out for street crime but nothing worse than most major cities. - Aug 2014

Just little stuff. I love it here, I think if you are smart and follow the rules you will probably be fine. - Jul 2013

Take normal precautions to ward off street crime. Crime is much lower than in other Latin American capitals. - Aug 2011

I don't really think so. But we do have barbed wire on our home walls. Car break-ins are not uncommon. - Jun 2011

There are the usual pickpockets and car break ins (although I had that happen to me while I was living in DC, too). So just the usual city living awareness is needed. There is no need for concern other than that. People walk around after dark all the time, there really is no "violent" crime at least in the areas where we live. Pretty nice living compared to other places. - Feb 2011

Crime is on the increase. Police are corrupt and ineffective, and there is corruption on a scale so massive one cannot expect justice of any kind. - Apr 2010

Not a one as long as you follow the RSO briefing. - May 2008

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