What is the air quality like at post (good/moderate/bad)? Are there seasonal air quality issues? Does the air quality have an impact on health?

Generally, I think the air quality is pretty good. Some people have allergies from the new flora and fauna. - Jun 2019

Relatively good, unless you walk by the street by a bus. A friend has had serious asthma concerns (hospitalized) and another has had sinus issues. - Aug 2018

It's good. I tend to be pretty sensitive to pollution and have had minimal problems here. - Jun 2018

Great, unless you are walking along the street! - May 2016

It's moderate. There's lots of particulate matter in the air, but because there aren't that many vehicles on the road yet, the air is still relatively clean. - Sep 2015

I think it is pretty good compared to most capitals in the world. Not a lot of industry here. Two of my children have asthma and have done very well here. - Apr 2015

Generally clean, but can be dusty. Pollution of cars / buses near the roads can be bad, but hasn't affected my breathing at all. Tropical climate, so allergies are always present. - Aug 2014

Moderate. Sometimes there will be smoke in the air from a fire or fireworks. And if you are following a bus or truck the emissions can get to you. But all in all it is fine. - Jul 2013

It's okay. Street level air quality is poor due to exhaust from buses, taxis, etc. - Aug 2011

Moderate. Paraguay is per capita the 3rd largest pollutant in the Western hemisphere. The city buses here are over 30 years old, and spew enough smog to kill a small rodent each time they stop and go. - Jun 2011

It's okay. I've lived in much, much worse. However, compared to a developed country, the air will be worse. But not overly horrible. The only shocker was the allergies -- our embassy nurse warned us that if we had allergies to pollen in the US it would be worse here - and she was right!Different pollen, different time of the year all make for lots and lots of allergies. So make sure you bring lots of allergy medicine! - Feb 2011

Unhealthy. Unfortunately, it's often full or smoke and fumes. - Apr 2010

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