What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

Honestly the calmness of life here, the focus on family, the love of children, and the kindness of Paraguayans have been a great break from Washington, D.C. We can afford to have help which has increased my time with my family and that means a lot. We've enjoyed traveling Paraguay a bit but the best trips have been hops to other countries. In Paraguay: Many people love the Jesuit ruins (we didn't make it there yet), Salto Cristal is a nice waterfall day trip, Yaguaron for a hike, Aregua for the strawberry festival, park, and pottery, Itagua for the nanduti. Outside must-sees: Patagonia (we hiked Perito Moreno glaciar), Buenos Aires, Santiago Chile, Peru. We spent a good chunk of time in Argentina and Chile! - Jun 2019

I love the lapacho trees. It's beautiful and temperate for the most part. Unfortunately due to constraints, we weren't able to see as much as we wanted, but the Jesuit reductions and Iguazu falls should not be missed! There are also some smaller falls and several local festivals. - Aug 2018

The people are awesome, so friendly and kind. We've enjoyed getting to know Paraguay through local friends. - Jun 2018

We loved Iguazu Falls, the second largest waterfall in the world (5 hours from Asuncion). We visited Bonito Brazil (a ten hour drive) to snorkel down clear rivers filled with fish and fauna. Salta/Pumamarca/Cafayate in Northern Argentina was my favorite trip with jaw-dropping scenery, cheap and delicious wine at the wineries, beautiful hikes and fun salt flats. It is about 18 hours by car but worth every single second. Many of the best roads are dirt but easy to drive on. We also enjoyed the ancient Jesuit ruins (5 plus hours), the sand dunes, and numerous camping and hiking trips. We also like to visit the art city of Aregua (1 hour plus) and the lake side San Bernadino (1 hour). My kids have loved their horse riding lessons, music lessons, and other sport activities. There are a lot of backyard gatherings and BBQ's (asados) and so it is a great place for families, especially with younger children. There is a cultural scene although it isn't huge. There are concerts, art exhibits, and athletic events as well. You just have to seek them out. There are also lots of great opportunities to volunteer. - May 2016

I have enjoyed the slow pace of life here. People are very friendly and down to earth. - Sep 2015

We love swimming in our pool - most embassy houses have one. We have made our backyard into a kid paradise. There is a lot of home entertaining - barbeques are the national pastime. We have enjoyed visiting the Jesuit Missions (World Heritage Site), Encarnacion, Caaucupe, San Bernadino, Aregue, religious festivals, strawberry festivals, and of course Iguazu Falls, which is not in PY, but just over the border. - Apr 2015

Inexpensive dining out / good meat. Warm, friendly people, regional travel. - Aug 2014

Iguazu Falls, Puerto Madryn (Argentina), Buenos Aires (Argentina). - Jul 2013

I've done less traveling so far than I'd like to. I would say that Paraguayan countryside is accessible and rural Paraguay is easy to appreciate. Iguazu Falls is only 5-6 hours away. The Chaco is an interesting ecosystem, but somewhat inaccessible. Good quality Argentine wine is available locally and once you learn the cuts of meat, the beef is pretty good. Paraguayan modern art is of surprisingly good quality. - Aug 2011

I am still waiting for the highlights to happen, but not holding my breath. There's almost zero tourism here. Once you've been here for a week, you know exactly why. There's nothing special about this place: culturally, historically, or economically. I am saying this from a foreign service lifestyle point of view. There's nothing here worth writing home about, except to write home to say, there's nothing to write home about. - Jun 2011

We have loved Iguazu Falls, seeing it from both the Brazilian side and the Argentinian side. It is highly recommended. The ruins of the Jesuit missions are wonderful too (see the movie, "The Mission" to get an idea).Other than that, it's a really great family post -- there are lots of things to get the kids involved in. Otherwise, not much to do. - Feb 2011

Hearing the Guarani language, exploring the countryside and learning about a new culture. - Apr 2010

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