Asuncion - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

US is home. Almost 24 hours to get back to middle USA. But they just added a direct flight to Miami so that will be better. - Jan 2021

Washington, DC. From Asuncion 5-6 hours to Panama or Sao Paolo, then 6 hours to Washington, D.C. Note that most flights in and out of the country internationally get you around difficult times like midnight, 2am, 5am. This was a pain, but by the airport is pretty small and simple. I heard recently that the cost of the parking has gone up but diplomats can park for free. - Jun 2019

USA. There is no longer a direct flight from Miami. Connections are usually through Peru or Panama. The whole trip (including normal layovers) is about 12-14 hours (Miami to Asuncion). - Aug 2018

Asuncion has a small airport and to date, no direct flights to the United States. You willl be most commonly routed through Sao Paulo, Lima or Buenos Aires depending on where you need to go in the U.S. Copa has good connections via Panama which works well for west coast and other South American destinations. - Jun 2018

Our home base is Ohio. We fly from Asuncion to Panama (usually) then the U.S. for our final connection to Ohio. It take about 24 hours (with layovers) to get home to Ohio but only 17 or 18 to get back because the connections are better. - May 2016

Miami to Asuncion took about 8 hours, I think. There is no longer a direct flight, so Asuncion to Sao Paolo or Buenos Aires or Panama to Miami is the norm now. Flying from Paraguay to the USA takes a very long time. - Sep 2015

Boston, there used to be a direct AA flight from Miami, but no longer - you must go through Panama, Buenos Aires or Sao Paulo. - Apr 2015

DC Area; flight is via Miami (2 hours) to Asuncion direct (7 hours); United / Copa also fly via Sao Paulo / Panama City. - Aug 2014

8 hours to Miami. 12-14 hours to DC or JFK. We are about 24 hours from home in Utah. - Jul 2013

No direct flights to the U.S. Getting in and out of Paraguay isn't easy or cheap. Most transit through Sao Paulo or Buenos Aires. Due to the booming economy, airlines are starting to open up other routes, but Paraguay isn't a big market. - Aug 2011

Washington DC. 12-16hours. Dulles to Sao Paulo to Asuncion - Jun 2011

Washington, DC - Feb 2011

16 hours, including required layovers in Sao Paulo or Buenos Aires. - Apr 2010

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