Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Yes, we have Tigo and others have Personal. Our awesome sponsors had it hooked up for us before we got here. We have had issues with it going our recently but generally its fine. We use a VPN to stream Hulu, Amazon Prime, and also have Netflix (Paraguayan). - Jun 2019

Yes. It took about five minutes for us. Super easy. It does go down sometimes; power outages and internet outages are intermittent. - Aug 2018

The internet is solid, but expensive. We pay US$120/month for a combined cable and internet package. - Jun 2018

Yes, although I think it would be better to call it "moderate-speed internet access." - May 2016

Yes - Sep 2015

yes, we pay about US$60 per month for 6 megabites. - Apr 2015

Fastest speed is 10MBS for US$150 / month. Slower / less expensive speeds are available. Internet is handicapped due to having to go through cables (Argentina / Brazil) to U.S., so you may get a fast speed here in country, but have it reduced by 10 going to the States. - Aug 2014

Yes, and it is fairly reliable. It is about US$60/month. - Jul 2013

I think it's probably not that expensive. - Aug 2011

I pay about $60/month for 6mb download. But I'll be lucky if I ever get 1/3 of that advertised speed. - Jun 2011

We have Tigo at the highest speed -- we do pay a lot more than most people, but our internet speed is about the same as Verizon Fios in the States -- for me, worth the price, but I know for others it wouldn't be. - Feb 2011

Medium speed. Between $30-100 per month. Stick with the $30 subscription. It appears to be the same speed as the more expensive options. - Apr 2010

Tigo called there service high speed. Cost was not terrible, about US$30 per month. - May 2008

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