Asuncion - Post Report Question and Answers

What kind of car do you recommend bringing to post, given the terrain, availability of parts, burglary/carjacking risks, etc.? What kind of car do you advise not to bring?

High clearance and good tires. There is hardly any drainage here so you need clearance. After it rains everything is flooded until it washes out to the river. - Jan 2021

A newer car is better as only old cars with no alarms are targeted for stealing; I've only heard of one school staff member getting their car stolen and it didn't have an alarm. Get a car with high clearance as the roads are incredibly jagged, potholes are deep and always developing from the rain, and it floods here quickly when it rains! We brought a Rav4 and were very happy - especially if you want to drive out of the city to places like the Salto Cristol. Do not bring your shiny new vehicle you don't want dinged up. - Jun 2019

Bring a high-clearance, thinner-framed vehicle. With rain, streets flood quickly. Your suspension will be thoroughly tested. Roads are narrow and people park their cars on both sides. - Aug 2018

High clearance with off road tires. When it rains, the roads become rivers, and if you have a low clearance car, you'll need to wait until the rain stops before attempting to travel anywhere. In general the roads are cobblestone or asphalt and potholed, so a car with good suspension is a must. - Jun 2018

It is probably best to have a vehicle with high clearance because the roads can flood significantly during rainstorms. - May 2016

You should bring an SUV. The roads are horrible here. You need a high clearance, tough vehicle. Carjackings are almost unheard of, but you should keep your doors locked and your windows up. - Sep 2015

I would bring a car that can withstand very bumpy roads, so one with good shocks. Other than the major highways and thoroughfares, very few roads are paved in PY. Most are dirt or cobble stone - don't think European cobblestone, think big rocks just thrown on the road in any manner. The drainage system is awful here so after a decent rain the roads truly look like rivers. We actually lost a car during a rain storm. High clearance will really come in handy after the rain. - Apr 2015

Higher clearance recommended due to potholes, surprise / unmarked mountains...err...speedbumps. Roads can also flood during / after rain storms, so clearance is s plus as well. 4x4 generally NOT needed. - Aug 2014

I recommend an SUV with good suspension. However cars of all types can be found here. - Jul 2013

I recommend something with a higher clearance, but it doesn't need to be a 4x4. Small SUVs and cross-over vehicles are popular here. There are lots of older Toyota Landcruisers here if you're a fan. Cars will work as well, but the roads are in poor condition. - Aug 2011

Bring your SUV that you bought for 22K back in 2003, and when you leave you in 2011 you can sell it for 22k. A great way to take back a little something from this place. - Jun 2011

Definitely an SUV because Asucion has lots of cobblestone streets and HUGE potholes that would take out a normal car. The highways, on the other hand, are wonderful and smoothly paved. Go figure. There are the normal car break-ins if you leave valuables sitting in plain view, but if you don't then you're fine. Parts are usually hard to come by, most people have to have the part shipped here and then the local mechanic will install it (usually well). - Feb 2011

An SUV is best for the potholes, floods and cobblestone roads. I have a car and it's ok, but an SUV is definitely best. Carjacking is very rare. - Apr 2010

Something with a high ground clearance. We had a 4x4 that came in quiet handy to navigate the flash floods and the roads are rough. - May 2008

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