Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Generally no. It seems members of the LGBT community are starting to be accepted here but it is a very religious country. That being said I know some Paraguayans who are out and are happy here. - Jun 2019

There are LGBT here and there are LGBT locals, but I have heard they have a struggle. I haven't heard of any issues from expats and I haven't seen any discrimination. - Aug 2018

Paraguay can lean pretty conservative, but I hear there are options. - Jun 2018

Paraguay is a fairly conservative and Catholic society, so tolerance for LGBT is less than ideal, with some high-level government officials occasionally making anti-LGBT comments. But I haven't heard of blatant prejudice or expats feeling ostracized. - Apr 2015

Paraguay is a conservative country, however, there is an active LGBT community here. - Aug 2014

I know of several gay expats who have lived here. I would not say any of them loved it but I think that it was more because singles have a hard time here than that they were gay. However that being said, this is a very LATIN, Catholic community and there will be some issues. - Jul 2013

Probably okay, but not like Sao Paulo, Bogota, or Buenos Aires. The Paraguayan government doesn't recognize same-sex domestic partners. - Aug 2011

i have not seen or heard of anything overtly against gays. I am sure it's no DuPont Circle or Berlin Love parade, and it's not like being in Iran (where they put you in a burlap bag and throw you over the side of a mountain. True story, I know because I read it on the internet.) It's somewhere in the middle. - Jun 2011

I don't know about the gay situation here -- Argentina is just to the south and is very open and friendly to gay/lesbian community. But Paraguay is more traditionally Latino -- but there doesn't seem to be such anti-gay sentiment as I've seen in other Latin American countries. - Feb 2011

Yes. There are many openly-gay people and none ever seem to have any problems at all. - Apr 2010

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