Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

Definitely, - Jun 2019

Yes. - Aug 2018

Yes. - Jun 2018

Absolutely. I will be very sad to leave. Paraguay is comfortable, relaxed, happy, and easy-going. My family and I have been very happy here. We have made a lot of local friends and we will miss them a lot. This is a welcoming country that quickly feels like a real home. - May 2016

Yes, I would. - Sep 2015

Probably, our family has been happy here. As stated above - Paraguay is pleasant, it's just not terribly exciting. - Apr 2015

Sure. - Aug 2014

Yes, we really like it here. However the school has been a bit of a concern. - Jul 2013

Sure, but from experience there are more interesting posts in Latin America. (Andean countries are very interesting). - Aug 2011

No. (I said that in spanish so that it is perfectly clear.) I say "no" because of how this place was presented. They (old tales from a small planet postings) said that this was a cheap place, had lots to do outdoors, and had good weather. Yes the weather can be nice here in May-July, but then what? There's nothing to do. It's not cheap here, especially the expendable necessities of American life. If they told me this place is your average small town USA in the 1950s except that they only spoke Spanish, had terrible local food (ever seen a Paraguayan restaurant anywhere outside Paraguay?), had about 3 or 4 malls that were way way over priced, and very little green space, then maybe I would think differently about this place. I was hoodwinked! - Jun 2011

Yeah, but be prepared to entertain yourself. - Feb 2011

Yes, absolutely. - Apr 2010

Once was enough and 2 years was really too long. - May 2008

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