What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Things we ended up shipping were quinoa (very expensive here), diapers and wipes for our son (they do have various brands but we preferred the US brands in bulk to be cheaper), nuts, cereal (its very sugary here! and no brands like Cheerios), peanut butter (sometimes they have it sometimes they don't at the Casa Rica), traditional cooking supplies like cream of tartar and chocolate chips. Saran Wrap and tinfoil in a giant Cosco-sized perforated edge (here they just sell plain tubes with nothing to cut it off). Some people get cheddar cheese shipped, as they don't have aged cheeses here. - Jun 2019

My Swiffer wet-mop. It broke the last day of our move and I'm too cheap to pay the big-bucks at ACE. (Yep! There's an ACE Paraguay! Some American goods there!) The mops here are rags on sticks and squeegies which work really well on the floors, but I just couldn't get used to. My crockpot. I had the idea that I'd just buy my appliances here so I didn't have to worry about transformers. It took a while to find a toaster, but crockpots don't exist here. I don't use one, but I'm not sure if I've seen a blowdryer. I bought both a hair straightener and hair clippers here which work well. - Aug 2018

Spot and stain remove; I haven't found a good locally made option. - Jun 2018

Maple syrup and cheddar cheese. - May 2016

Hair dye. I'm glad I shipped my small SUV. If I had it to do over, I might have shipped a bigger one. - Sep 2015

things for your backyard. I managed to buy a trampoline from someone leaving, but that would be a great thing to put in your HHE-large and heavy things for your backyard that you will have trouble shipping - fooze ball tables, ping-pong, etc. - Apr 2015

Canned ethnic foods i.e. refried beans. Also BBQ sauces, salad dressings, Old Bay, etc An extra pair of tires would be a good idea, although it is super cheap to have flats repaired. - Aug 2014

Karo syrup, brown sugar, chocolate chips, granola bars, soups, maple syrup. - Jul 2013

I shipped down a lot because the govt pays for it. It's really not necessary though. There aren't many American products here, so if that's important to you, bring them. Lots of comparable substitutes from Brazil and Argentina. - Aug 2011

Sports drink mix, more fall-type clothing. - Jun 2011

All sports gear. Lots more summer clothes (it's hot here). - Feb 2011

None. - Apr 2010

Any American product you can not live without. Mosquito repellent and sunscreen! - May 2008

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