Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

Some and some have private tutors as well. - Aug 2018

I have friends whose kids are involved in karate, MMA, ballet, basketball, tennis, golf, horseback riding, and of course, soccer. - Jun 2018

There are programs through the schools and you can also find soccer, swimming, and a few other sports. Centro Paraguayo Japones has gymnastics (very full classes), karate, and a few other classes. - May 2016

Yes. - Sep 2015

There are tons of programs for kids. - Apr 2015

Yes. - Aug 2014

Yes, through the school and a few others in town. - Jul 2013

There seems to be lots of things to get kids involved in, but it depends on how much the parents integrate into the city and culture. - Aug 2011

Soccer, golf, and tennis. But you HAVE to speak Spanish fluently. My Spanish teacher speaks about 30 words of English. And she's the most fluent English speaker among the 15 or so people we had to choose from. How do these people expect to teach beginning and mid level English speakers Spanish if they don't speak a lick of english? que suerte! pasa bien! - Jun 2011

Lots of soccer, tennis, and golf. Take your pick of the place -- however, note that Paraguayans are known for their great soccer, so the kids are uber competitive about soccer -- that said, there are lots of soccer schools, great golf courses with cheap instructors, lots and lots of tennis. They love sports here! - Feb 2011

Through school, yes. - Apr 2010

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