Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

No. Ants are the most common problem, with an occasional cockroach. - Jun 2019

Mosquitoes. Some ants or roaches. But mosquitoes. Just take normal precautions, don't leave water sitting about, don't throw open the windows without a screen, wear repellent when you're out on muggy days in season. - Aug 2018

Ants, but not in crazy amounts. - Jun 2018

Mosquitoes bring dengue and zika. - May 2016

We have ants, mosquitoes, weevils, termites. It's very tropical. - Sep 2015

There are ants and mosquitoes, Dengue is here, but seems to be on the decline. We are now facing Chikungunya, but I don't actually personally know anyone who has had it. - Apr 2015

Mosquitos, ants. Scorpions and tarantulas are native but I haven't dealt with any. - Aug 2014

LOTS of mosquitos (Dengue), ants and cockroaches. - Jul 2013

Asuncion is in the subtropics, so there are insects here. In the home mainly ants. Mosquitoes can be an issue though. Dengue is endemic. No malaria. - Aug 2011

The DENGUE (don...don....donnnnn). Mosquitoes are a big concern. - Jun 2011

There are lots of houseflies and mosquitoes here. We have animals, so we have to leave our backyard doors open, and we are always combating the flying insects. So much so, that we often spray ourselves with Off before we go to bed.(and there is the occasional outbreak of Dengue that is transmitted via mosquito, so best to be safe). - Feb 2011

Mosquitoes for much of the year, but no worse than the MD eastern shore in the summertime -- and better than lots of other places. - Apr 2010

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