Asuncion - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Mostly hot but cools off April to September. The biggest issue is rains and storms. There are constant electrical outages. Homes do not have generators. I have lost food often. With the heavy rains come the mosquitoes that bring Dengue. That is no fun. - Jan 2021

It is generally hot and humid here! The Paraguayans wear jackets if its near 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If they can afford it, the Paraguayans go away during the months of January and February (very hot and humid). Museums close during this time, so it's great time to get out of country. The coolest months get to the 60s and occasionally the 50s. However when it is chilly it gets in your bones due to the humidity. People in the houses complain they can get pretty cold. - Jun 2019

Temperate, mostly. Hot gets hot and muggy. Cold gets tingly. But neither is unbearable. Air conditioners are everywhere and you can grab a blanky and hot cup of mate. - Aug 2018

Winter can drop to 50F at night, and it can be up to 100F+ in the summer. - Jun 2018

Hot in the summer (November - February) and cool with a chance of heat in the winter (May - August). Rainstorms are fierce and punishing. It is best to have a high clearance car because flooding in the roads is a pretty big problem. - May 2016

Very hot and humid most of the time. Occasionally cool. - Sep 2015

Semi-tropical. There are really 2 seasons - a long hot summer-very hot (90-110F degrees) and short cool fall (40-70F degrees). - Apr 2015

Generally warm, but change from one day to the next in the winter. Summers are 100+ Fahrenheit with high humidity. It can go weeks without falling below 80-90F degrees. Winters are very pleasant, but temperatures can change drastically from one day to the next. NEVER freezes. - Aug 2014

9.5 months hot and humid, 1.5 months cool and rainy, and 1 month nice (not all at once). - Jul 2013

Hot and humid Dec-March and surprisingly cold June-August. Transition seasons are spring-like. - Aug 2011

Varied. Winter can be "cold" as in the 50s, summers 100s. Summer time turns many into prisoners of the indoors. It's so hot and humid and there's very little green space in the city, you cannot stay outdoors for long. - Jun 2011

It's very hot for about 4 months, hot for about 4 months, and quite temperate for about 4 months. - Apr 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot! - May 2008

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