Can you save money?

Absolutely! - May 2016

YES! - Sep 2015

yes. - Apr 2015

Sure, although travel back to the States can be expensive depending on when you go. - Aug 2014

Yes, if you don't travel and don't eat out all the time. - Jul 2013

Yes, but things are getting more expensive. - Aug 2011

Yes, you can save money anywhere in the Foreign Service because you don't have to pay for housing. But is this a cheap place to live? No, especially if you plan on living the American Dream of food variety, good groceries, dinning out, and small kitchen appliances. - Jun 2011

Yes. - Feb 2011

Yes. - Apr 2010

Difficult with the US dollar declining. When I arrived $1 = Gs 6,200, departed at $1 = Gs 3,995. - May 2008

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