Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

I have been sick a number of times in the last month and its just as fast to go to the emergency room as a doctor. I have had great care with a dentist, gynecologist, internist for my son. No concerns with care. Many women have been pregnant here although Zika is still mentioned (it is more of a concern outside of the city). I even had an American friend give birth in the local hospital. We've had friends medivaced for skin cancer, emergency dental care, and for childbirth. - Jun 2019

Dengue, chikungunya (related), and yellow fever. Wear bug spray. There are two hospitals here. Medical evacuation for anything major. - Aug 2018

Mosquito borne illnesses, but bug spray is available for purchase. - Jun 2018

Dengue and zika. There are a few well regarded hospitals including Bautista and La Costa. It is very affordable! I have friends who have had babies and surgeries here and have been very happy with the care they received. - May 2016

There's dengue and chikingunya. Medical care is not bad. Dentists are inexpensive and some are quite good. - Sep 2015

The medical care is just OK. I try to get as much of it as I can outside of PY. - Apr 2015

Food poisioning is always a great way to start a weekend. Dengue is present, although not prevalent. Emergency care is available, however anything serious that can be / will be medevac'd. - Aug 2014

The healthcare here is okay. There is not a U.S. doctor at post, however there are several English speaking ones (some even U.S. trained) working in the community. - Jul 2013

Health care is mediocre. It's gotten better recently, but many Paraguayans with means go to Sao Paulo or Buenos Aires for medical care. - Aug 2011

THE DENGUE. I hear dentistry here is okay. I hope I never have to know about the hospitals. - Jun 2011

Despite what others have said, I think the medical care here is very good compared to other countries. They have a brand new children's hospital with the latest equipment, the adult hospital too has all the latest equipment. Doctors are great (although most don't speak English) and I have been very impressed. - Feb 2011

Sort of. Emergency medical care at hospitals is terrible, so just hope you don't get too sick. But there are plenty of decent doctors. - Apr 2010

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