What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

. Day to day is pretty casual though the parents at ASA dress up or wear their fancy workout gear! If you got to a Paraguayan wedding, birthday party, or gala you get dressed up, get your hair and make-up done, and go all out! Any excuse to party is a full-tilt prom! - Jun 2019

Business casual. Some formal events, and for those, go glitzy! When there's a party, people doll up. Several dress shops around, expensive BUT they rent them. - Aug 2018

I wear suits to work. In public places it is like anywhere else- and runs the gamut from exercise wear to nearly semi-formal. - Jun 2018

Suits and business casual at the Embassy with dress-down Fridays (half days!). In public, people tend to wear lots of shorts, sleeveless, and tight clothing. - Sep 2015

Embassy is business with casual Fridays. In public people look fairly nice, shorts are not seen often. - Apr 2015

Work is generally business casual and casual in public. - Aug 2014

Business casual. - Jul 2013

I wear a tie, but a it is little more informal than other Latin American capitals. Less informal during hot season. Non-government is more informal. - Aug 2011

Some dress up in a suit and tie and are under the impression that it matters. - Jun 2011

Suits at work. Jeans everywhere else (sometimes even workout clothes!). - Feb 2011

Business attire at work. Jeans in public. There isn't one restaurant in Asuncion where you couldn't wear jeans. - Apr 2010

Business at the office. The nightlife scene seemed pretty formal. - May 2008

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