Asuncion - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

There is a good community here. Before COVID there were plenty of activities with the CLO. Since then we do a lot of online activities. - Jan 2021

There are about 60 families or so and then DEA, Unicef, Peace-corp outside the city. I have had tremendous support here from the awesome people at post. We have a Mamas Group on Whatsapp that is always there for you helping you out. I will miss a large number of people here. You are not lacking in support. - Jun 2019

Unknown. Positive, but the sense of community could improve. Because this is a low-threat environment, there's not as much need for togetherness. More could be done with that. - Aug 2018

Not huge, but those other expats I meet are friendly. - Jun 2018

It isn't a huge expat community but morale seems to be great. People love living here. There is a Facebook page called "Expats in Paraguay" and that is a great place to ask questions and meet other expats. People are very friendly and welcoming and it is easy to quickly feel at home. - May 2016

The expat community is small but happy. Lots of foreigners marry Paraguayans and choose to live here. - Sep 2015

Not very big with varying morale. If folks are content to spend a lot of time at home, having barbeques with friends, and lounging around the pool, then they tend to be pretty happy. If you're looking for an exciting night life (or really any kind of excitement), spectacular scenery, or mountains and beaches, you may be less than thrilled to be in Paraguay. It's a pleasant place with pleasant people. - Apr 2015

Good Embassy Community; laid back lifestyle. Other expats are few and far between- WHY would anyone come to Paraguay? - Aug 2014

Decent size. - Aug 2011

Small. - Jun 2011

Very small. Almost non-existent. There are the American teachers and the embassy communities (German, Japanese, Korean, etc). Other than that, really no one. - Feb 2011

Tiny. - Apr 2010

About 50 direct hires. - May 2008

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