Asuncion - Post Report Question and Answers

How much of the local language do you need for daily living? Are local language classes/tutors available and affordable?

You really need to speak Spanish to get around well here. - Jan 2021

There is a tutor at the Embassy people use and I have a tutor at ASA for 12 dollars an hour (unbelievably cheap!) I suggest having Spanish if you can as it helps. Most of the professionals here: dentists, business owners, etc. speak English but your day-to-day people: grocery store clerks, doctor office staff, cell-phone locations, hairstylists, guards at the school, etc. don't speak English much at all. The farther from the city you get the more less likely to find English and more likely to find Guarani. - Jun 2019

You need some Spanish. The embassy offers paid Spanish classes with Spanish-only instructors. If you just learn some simple Spanish for the store, you'll be okay, but Spanish here is different. There are some archaic terms, some Guarani (local native language) mixed in, and even speaking Spanish, sometimes people will look at you funny; they're particular about their pronunciation. Most won't slow down when you ask to repeat. Some won't repeat. The people here are friendly; give yourself some patience and practice! - Aug 2018

Spanish will get you far; some people speak English, but not many. Learn a few words of greeting in Guarani to really make Paraguayans smile. - Jun 2018

It really helps to know some Spanish. They love it if you can say a few words in Guarani! - May 2016

You need to know some Spanish since most people don't know any English. - Sep 2015

You really need some Spanish - very few people speak English. - Apr 2015

A working knowledge of Spanish is definitely required. Most Paraguayans don't speak any English as Guarani (local indigenous language) is more frequently taught in schools. - Aug 2014

Yes, the more Spanish you know the better. - Jul 2013

Spanish is a must. Guarani, not so much. - Aug 2011

A LOT. Don't be fooled. You need to know spanish to have any type of life here. - Jun 2011

Basic Spanish -- people are pretty accommodating -- even though I'm fluent, a lot of my friends aren't, and Paraguayans are very nice about it. Some people here also speak the local indigenous language, Guarani, too. - Feb 2011

Spanish is an absolute must. Nobody speaks english. Some only speak guarani, but that's fairly rare in the city. - Apr 2010

You will need Spanish! - May 2008

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