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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

I do not use household help. I occasionally hire a gardener for special projects and they are cheap. - Jan 2021

We have a nanny five days a week from 7:00-4:30 for 1/4 the cost of daycare in Washington, D.C. She is like family. She watches our son and keeps our giant apartment clean. She could cook too but we asked her to focus on our son and higher a cook for $20 once a week and she cooks us three to five entrees we stretch out for a few meals and lunches. Help here is incredibly cheap and we take great care of them. Most everyone has someone who cleans or cooks for them. Some people even have multiple nannies - one for day and one for night! Most empleadas live an hour outside the city. - Jun 2019

We didn't hire help, but every kind is available. Nannies, housekeepers, cooks, gardeners. Generally ₲100.000-₲120.000 guaranies a day which translates currently to US$20-$25, with lunch provided. - Aug 2018

The local min. wage is close to US$400/month. That's how much we pay our live-out housekeeper who works 40 hours/week for us. Factor in another US$50 to pay into their social security fund/insurance. Paraguayans get universal health care here. - Jun 2018

I believe a live-in housekeeper is about US$80 - $100 a week. A housekeeper part time usually runs around US$20 a day. Domestic help is available although sometimes hard to find. A gardener costs about US$15 - $20 for a half day. - May 2016

Very plentiful and inexpensive. It's hard to find someone you really like, but eventually you probably will. - Sep 2015

We love our empleada!! The cost of full-time help is very inexpensive. Salaries for live-in help is btw- US$250-400 per month. Non-live-in - US$300-400 per month. - Apr 2015

Good, inexpensive (US$300-$350 month is average for embassy families). - Aug 2014

Plenty, about US$300/ month + insurance (US$15). - Jul 2013

Cheap and available. - Aug 2011

We pay $500 for a full-time nanny. She's good. She's no Tony Macelli from "Who's the Boss." More like Berta from 2.5 Men. - Jun 2011

About $300 or 400 a month -- I think I over pay, but she's good and reliable. - Feb 2011

Cheap. About $300 per month full time. More expensive for live-ins or part-time help. - Apr 2010

Great for availability and cost! - May 2008

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