Asuncion - Post Report Question and Answers

Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

I use Simple Mobile from the US for my personal plan. It works fine down here and is unlimited data and calls to US and countries in this region. You must setup your unlocked phone with Simple Mobile before you leave the US. It cannot be activated here. - Jan 2021

Best to get a local provider of Tigo or Personal. I had some serious issues at the beginning with my personal phone. I was they my iPhone 5 (which worked for three months) was too old to work on their network. Then it rebooted and worked fine. Then my son dropped it.... just have patience when you go to set up your phone. You can pay your bills at the embassy. - Jun 2019

Two choices: Tigo or Personal. We used Tigo because they had a chat help system online which was handy. My husband's phone didn't have a SIM card and mine was (despite claiming to be international) hard-wired to US cell towers. Do a little research on that before you come as it was a little headache when we got here; though the setup and service was quick and easy. - Aug 2018

We have personal cell phones and the plans are reasonable. They have pre-pay and billing. Bring an unlocked phone and you can buy a sim card relatively easily. - Jun 2018

Most people bring an unlocked phone from the U.S. and buy a chip from Personal or Tigo upon arrival. - May 2016

The embassy has a group plan which costs me about US$10 per month. - Apr 2015

Bring your own handset as they are substantially cheaper than buying one here. - Aug 2014

There are plenty of companies here, and plans are cheap. I recommend Personal because that is what the Embassy uses so most of your calls will be "free." But others are just as happy with Tigo. - Jul 2013

Easy to get cell phones locally. - Aug 2011

The embassy has a great family plan. Bring your own phone down here. The phones here are very expensive: BlackBerries $600, iPhones (not very common) $500. Bring them here get them unlocked and hook up the service (which is affordable and reliable). ...dang it I was trying not to say anything good about this place. - Jun 2011

Cell phones themselves are pretty expensive (as are most electronic things here). But the service is okay and pretty reasonably priced. - Feb 2011

Get one here. Cheap and reliable. - Apr 2010

Did not use one while there. - May 2008

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