Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

We are suggested not to go on the buses, but taxis are super cheap! Uber just got here too and another app that is similar. I normally feel safe in taxis but have had to say no to one or two due to lack of seat belts. - Jun 2019

Buses are crammed, private (unregulated) companies, and we were warned against pickpockets. Taxis: yes, one cab company was more highly recommended, about US$20 to drive across town. - Aug 2018

Taxis seem a bit dumpy, but are cheap and get you where you need to go. Average fair to cross town is US$4. The nicest taxis are the remise service from the airport into town for 110,000 guaranies or US$20. I've never taken a local bus, as I hear about people having their pockets picked a lot on them because they can get packed. - Jun 2018

Yes, there are buses and taxis that are safe and affordable if you are careful. There isn't a train. - May 2016

There are no trains. Buses are cheap and have pickpockets. Taxis are affordable but they vary in quality. Most do not have seatbelts or air conditioning. - Sep 2015

no trains in the entire country. Buses and taxis are generally safe, just use common sense. - Apr 2015

City buses can be dangerous for petty theft. Taxis are usually ok, are marked, and usually organized by neighborhood. Coach style buses for travel from city-to-city are safe. - Aug 2014

No trains, yes on buses but the RSO recommends you not use them. Taxis are fairly safe and affordable. - Jul 2013

Taxis are suprisingly expensive. Buses are in poor condition, but I would use them in a pinch. - Aug 2011

The buses are awful here. but if you're fluent in Spanish, or just brave, you can take the buses. - Jun 2011

Buses are taken by lots of people -- they are cheap and go all over the city and country (even out of country).There doesn't seem to be an issue with the safety of the buses either. No trains (except for one that is a touristy type of train).Taxis are more expensive, but pretty safe. You do have to make sure your taxi driver is not drunk (talk to him at his window to do a smell test). - Feb 2011

Buses are cheap, and are the most widely used transport for locals. Taxis are surprisingly expensive for Asuncion, but they are everywhere and worth the money. They are never more than five minutes away. - Apr 2010

Taxis are affordable and safe, no trains and was advised not to take the bus! - May 2008

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