Asuncion - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yep, not really anything that helps folks with disabilities. - Jan 2021

YES! Taking my son in his stroller is nearly impossible as there are no rules for smooth sidewalks. Piles of sand can block your way, people don't stop for pedestrians unless you just go for it, and there is limited accessibility for wheelchairs. - Jun 2019

Yes. The sidewalks are not compatible for wheelchairs and a blind person would trip. There are few wheelchair accessible stores and street parking would be near-impossible for a handicap vehicle. There are dedicated handicap spots in the mall or parking lots, but this would be difficult for most physical disabilities. Doors are all push/pull with high handles. I have seen only one blind man who was walking in his neighborhood (across a rather scary intersection!). There are no protective lights or audible cues. - Aug 2018

Yes, as the sidewalks do not seem in good repair. - Jun 2018

Many of the roads are made with stones (so hard to cross streets) and the sidewalks can be broken up if they exist. There are not a lot of accommodations throughout the city. - May 2016

Yes. The roads and sidewalks are terrible. - Sep 2015

There are some side walks here and I have seen some ramps. But this probably shouldn't be the first choice for someone with mobility limits. - Apr 2015

Individuals with mobility issues may have a difficult time due to uneven sidewalks / pavement as well as less than courteous drivers potentially running them over when the light turns green. - Aug 2014

All sorts, cobblestone streets, no sidewalks, crazy drivers, and the list goes on. - Jul 2013

A tough time. - Aug 2011

The so called cobble stone streets are in fact jagged-edge rocks thrown into a thin layer of asphalt to make 'roads'. Try pushing a wheelchair or baby stroller on that. Not happening! - Jun 2011

There is virtually no access for those with disabilities -- like any other Latin American country, it is assumed that you don't have disabilities. - Feb 2011

Not set up for handicapped people. No sidewalks, no ramps, etc. - Apr 2010

A lot, nothing is geared for physical disabilities! - May 2008

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