Asuncion - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

There is definitely an issue with gender equality in that some people are more traditional here and women women, particularly outside of the city, are expected to fit a more traditional role. Abuse of women by a spouse or significant other is an ongoing problem that has had marches in the past two years. There are many single women raising children. - Jun 2019

Not as much as other places I've been. - Jun 2018

It's tough to be an indigenous person here. There is a lot of prejudice against native people. It's sad to hear Guarani people call themselves lazy. There are not many people of African origin here. Paraguayans do not appear to be highly racist, but if you talk to them privately, some of them are very racist. As for gender prejudices, this place is pretty sexist. Men have almost all of the power and most of the property. - Sep 2015

I think Paraguay falls in the same category in these areas as most of Latin America. - Apr 2015

Not that I'm aware of. - Aug 2014

Perhaps some socioeconomic prejudices, but that's common in Latin America. Not many minorities here. - Aug 2011

Prejudices, maybe not. But there are definitely stereotypes that are widely applied and commonplace. - Jun 2011

No problem with race -- we have Brazil to our East and it's very diverse. While you don't see people of African descent here often, people automatically presume they are Brazilian. There are lots of people of German descent here as well -- lots of blonds. Very unusual. And lots of tall people. So, people will automatically assume Americans are Brazilian or Argentinian before assuming they are Americans. - Feb 2011

No, although there are no blacks in this country. So if one is here, he or she definitely gets stared at quite a bit. - Apr 2010

Not that I was aware of. - May 2008

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