Asuncion - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

I think it is better for families and couples. I am single and since I don't haunt nightclubs not much fun is to be found. And with COVID, contact is limited. - Jan 2021

If you're single there is a large population of 20-30s and a very active late night that gets started around 10 or 11pm! We've loved this post as a family with a young child because it is quiet and we have had lots of other families recently. Day care is cheap, our son is learning Spanish, and there is a great park called "Parc de Salud." The Paraguayans are very family oriented and love kids. There are lots of festivals and things but you don't always know if they are kid friendly. There are lots of playdates to keep us busy. Babysitting is cheap and so is a night out so we have loved it here. - Jun 2019

Yes. Yes. Yes. - Aug 2018

It's a great family post, and we've been really happy here. - Jun 2018

I think it is great for families because it is safe, easy to get around, and there are lots of activities for children. Older children might be bored. There are quite a few singles here at post now and they seem to be an awesome group and go out for lots of adventures. - May 2016

Families are pretty happy here. Singles complain that there's nothing to do. - Sep 2015

It seems to me most families and couples are happy-ish, but singles less so. - Apr 2015

Mediocre for all. - Aug 2014

Great for families, and probably okay for couples, however I think most singles do not love it here. - Jul 2013

Post has lots of families with kids, but I think everyone can get along well if they have a good attitude and adventurous spirit. - Aug 2011

"Good" is a really strong word for this country. let's just say it's better than hell for all who get stuck here. Side note: the local women are more often than not very pretty. Very surprising. You can randomly select 10 women from a phone book, and i would say at least 6 of them would be considered pretty by most universal standards. Compared to the USA, I would say, 4 would be pretty. Shallow side note, but I think it's interesting to share. - Jun 2011

For families it's great, especially for those with younger kids. I think it's great for single men as well. For single women, I think it's hard because one would have to rely on the Embassy community (this is Latin America where women don't live outside their parents' home until they're married).For couples, it's fine if you get involved in activities -- after you've toured the country once, there's not that much to explore (other than going to other countries).So, best to get involved in lessons, activities, etc. - Feb 2011

For male singles it's a fine city. For female singles it's very tough. For couples and families it's a great city. Families have some trouble finding things to do that their kids enjoy - especially between the ages of 10-18. But all seem to enjoy living here. - Apr 2010

I would say this would be a great city for families. Not a lot to do for singles and couples other than dining out and traveling. - May 2008

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